anyone who is doing NFTs or shitcoins, is a climate change accelerationist

@LittleFox I really expected him to do better
and it isn't like he needed the money to survive, it was for charity. and the news that E.S. sold nft for millions makes the headlines and that causes more people to jump on the digital coal rolling bandwagon

@joshg that's like saying cars are okay because some of them are electric

@uint8_t ...I mean, no, it's like saying "hey the electric cars aren't part of the problem"?

all the other NFTs are 100% evil trash

@uint8_t (is there an NFT equivalent of Teslas? screw teslas, those are still part of the problem too. I'm taking this analogy right off the cliff now)

@joshg nfts are trying very hard to solve a problem which did not exist before nfts

@uint8_t how do you feel about PoS chains like Tezos?

@liaizon it surely is better than proof-of-waste but I have absolutely no idea how well it would scale if people would use it. after reading their website, it seems that they aren't keen on clearly explaining how it works... see Scanlime's thread about a different pos blockchain:

@uint8_t I guess I should probably get into trying to understand the realities of it if I am recommending it to people as a "solution"

I have been playing around with this new NFT project thats all community run and doesn't have crypto startup vibes called, and it uses Tezos

@uint8_t Why, and how?

What would you propose we do instead?

I’m playing Devil’s Advocate because it’s fun.

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