in an increasingly connected and electronic world, requiring students to learn some arbitrary data by heart is ridiculous

you should make them interested first, and teach them (how to figure out) how things work

schools are still oppressive af and lots of people think that's A-OK?!

if you teach children specifics, maybe teach how democracy, states, the legal system, and taxes work, or at least how they supposed to... give them a survival training for capitalism

and equip them to fight against it

of course this isn't the education the capitalist class wants for us

@uint8_t Democracy, states, legal system, and taxes got nothing to do with Capitalism

@uint8_t That's more or less what our history teacher taught us, back in the mid '80s when I was a schoolboy: dates are in your books, don't bother. Instead, try your best to understand the chain of events and decisions that make history happen, remembering all the dates will follow.

There was no Internet and barely a single computer in my school back then, but he got me hooked on history for life ;)

@DavidBosman that's nice to hear, I'm happy for you!
my history teacher wanted us to learn dates (often not just year-month but down to the hour!!), which we found extremely unreasonable. once we calculated how many bytes of raw data we need to learn for a test. the test rarely asked about any context or 'explain why this and this happened', most points were granted for reciting arbitrary numbers

@DavidBosman what also irked me in history class was when the stories were about <country name> did this and that.

countries don't do things, don't decide to join war, or anything like that. people leading the country do, and the actual people of the country more often than not are given absolutely no choice

Unsure about "arbitrary data", but certain low-level factual knowledge is essential for consequent high-level comprehension. Too many students are observed to struggle with simple concepts because of a lack of rigour for the necessary facts.

@uint8_t This is also valid with job interviews where they test your knowledge over topics known by heart. I use Google all time round now, and telling that to a recruiter actually gets you denied even though we all do it.

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