Do you ever stop and wonder how weird and mostly arbitrary economics are? And that money is just made up, despite everyone pretending otherwise?

@uint8_t capitalism is the biggest 'game' of make believe.

@uint8_t it's kind of funny (read: annoying, scary) how (in my experience) once you get to a certain social stratum you're just expected to understand how all this works.

@timezone I think it's more like people pretend they understand how it works

@uint8_t okay, fair point -- the expectation seems to be that one can convincingly pretend.

@uint8_t I work on financial systems, I have to stare into the void and face this fact every single day.

Yes, money is a #SocialConstruct . But so are lots of things. Why do I associate a certain sound with the shape of "A"? Purely arbitrary!

Made up does not mean not useful.

@mpjgregoire I didn't say it isn't useful, just that it's arbitrary and weird

in fact, money would be a lot more useful if more of it would be at my command

@uint8_t May your supply of money be sufficient for your demands. ;)

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