I just tried one of the allesgurgelt.at free covid test kits and I really felt like I'm beta-testing something that was put together in a deadline-driven coding spree fueled by mate on a weekend


... despite knowing very well that someone earned an awful lot of money for not doing actual work

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instructions unclear, no illustrations what so ever, test kit contents not matching the description, no checklists, the whole time I felt anxious of doing something wrong

@uint8_t so you sput in a cup, give it rewe, then a lab does a standard pcr test?

@douginamug yes. and if you do it in front of a webcam, you even get a cert valid for 72 hours

@uint8_t In this country, they're handing them out like sweets, mostly because the government bought eleventy billion of them from their mates and wants to avoid accusations of wasting money, so you can send off for endless boxes of free tests, they're giving them away in shops, I even picked some up from an NHS bus(!) parked in the town centre the other week

Useless rubbish, more chance of a false positive than actually finding an infection and preventing spread, they will sit in drawers

@ak I must travel for work this week and need some way to reduce the chance of harassment by border cop, and/or being quarantined for two weeks

I hope this test does the job

@uint8_t My prediction is that I'll be clearing out my desk in ~2024 and go "what's this blue box? oh! that pandemic, remember those, the good old days"

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