today I found out why my X220 is so loud:

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@hierarchon I have one more X220 for parts at home, but I gave away the fan to a friend 😂
the ironic part is that at the end she didn't even needed it

@uint8_t ouch.
break the half-broken one and the ones 180° away from those? ^^

@LittleFox @uint8_t Hmh, it'd probably still make noise though, though its frequency would double. Not sure if that makes it worse

@x44203 @LittleFox I'm not going to try it, since I can't possibly undo that, and it already sounds like a jet engine

@LittleFox @uint8_t Hmh, I don't think that the balance causes the sound, but rather the hole itself causing a siren-like effect

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