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Played some Noita this evening and this game is so fun... After 5 hours of total playtime I still haven't seen 10% of it.

Noita is a 2D indie rougelite based around Finnish mythology

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there are so many ways to die in this game, it's fascinating :D

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@uint8_t I really enjoy that game.

I’ve always imagined stories while playing world of sand as a child and now there’s an actual interactive story one can play in a world with similar physics.

It is also the first game to ever lag on my almost 7 years old desktop (after I upgraded it with a budget GPU in 2019) but runs really well on my laptop without a dedicated gpu.

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@dysphoricunicorn I'm running it on linux in 1080p without any issues, but this PC is while old, still beefy (i7-4930K, GTX Titan)

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@uint8_t I‘m also running on Linux in 1080p (because the game sadly doesn’t support 2560x1080)

My i5 is certainly showing its age while the mobile ryzen 5 in my laptop doesn’t seem to have any issues.

Kind of makes me wish I could use an egpu with that laptop to just replace my desktop fully.

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