I feel like the 40 hours per week work time is the absolute maximum that's possible to do yet it is treated as the standard. And lots of people work even more.

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Shouldn't like, technology make us more efficient and free up time?? Instead of, you know, working the same to make already rich people even more rich?

Commuting to work should be paid as work, by the way.

@uint8_t wasted 4 hours in commute each time I needed to go to the office, urg, don't miss wasting so much time

@dashie @uint8_t I even have the feeling this thread might be related to your other recent one, you know, about this silly POS in Excel thingy. I am not sure whether I find this or working 40 hours per week more silly. It feels like both kind of come out of the same paradigm 😆 . But at least the POS thingy made me laugh. Thinking about 40 hours work weeks and what it does to the planet and its inhabitants doesn't.

@dashie @uint8_t Uh, and I have to clarify something, because I realize it bugs me too much that I did not include it in the last post 😊 :

I mean silly on a societal level, not of course individually. I do not think it is silly for people to work 40h a week if they do not have another choice (e.g. for financial or other reasons). I just think it is silly to uphold the idea of it being necessary to work 40h a week.

(Just in case someone stumbles across it and wants to interpret it differently)

@uint8_t this is one of the less talked about insidious externalities and yeah, 💯

@uint8_t I sometimes talk about how annoying it is to commute to work everyday for 20-40min. And people react with "awww how cute, I commute 1-2 hour everyday, grow up!"

like wtf is wrong with these people. I stop looking for work after 30km distance. I need my time for myself...

@uint8_t too bad that the only thing you get is tax deductible for it :/

40h hour work week in the death of a possible revolution
@uint8_t im pretty sure I'm doing a bit more than that because of ADHD and because capitalism don't give a crap about that

@uint8_t wasn't there a theory that was hyped some years ago, that the 40hr Week is somehow fixed and the time is just filled with bullshit tasks (my interpretation: so that you'd not have the time and energy to question the system)?

Also I think there is some extensions to Murphys law(?) That the tasks needs at least as much time as is available....

@cybastl @uint8_t office work, yes
if you work on a construction site? not so much

@meena @uint8_t True. I apologize, i have naively neglected all other kind of work beside office work.

@uint8_t i work twenty hours/week, and I'm thinking of maybe upping it to twenty-five, once kiddo is settled in kindergarten. maybe, let's see.

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