If you want an accurate answer on how long a project will take, ask two experts independently, and then multiply their answers

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@uint8_t In the work, we multiply the estimate by 1,2 We always underestimate. I will propose your method.

@clacke @uint8_t @RileyStarlight One formula I've seen suggested is to take one's initial estimate, double it, and switch up to the next higher unit. Two days becomes four weeks, etc. I think it's fairly accurate.

@uint8_t I usually take my initial estimate in days, double it and round up the next full week.

Once upon a time I used to able to estimate my work work +-1 day reliably.
Then I got more responsibilities, more meetings and a bunch of colleagues asking me for help regularly.

So now I present my estimates like this:
"If I get to fully focus on this: 4 days. With everything else that ends up being dumped on my desk: about two weeks."

@uint8_t Expert. Ex, has been. (S)pert, a drip under pressure.

Always ask an expert. Then when he says it can't be done go ahead and do it anyway.

Engineers solve problems.

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