some people still don't seem to get it.

you don't order STM32s for yourself!

you do it for your children.

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@LittleFox I never got into the xmega series; they seemed like a large jump up in complexity and unit price without the excellent documentation I got used to from the atmega. but this was a loong time ago.

@uint8_t they have lots more features making them complex, but all those are pretty optional - you can always use them like atmegas

but you can also use the features and have a 3 channel dimmer with CPU sleeping and dimming still working, with zero-cross detection and stuff - can do that in hardware 😎

@uint8_t the only complexity I find frustrating is the USB stuff ..

@uint8_t yeah but somehow it added problems that seem xmega specific x)

Like ... it's working in app, but not in bootloader x.x

@uint8_t which is ... unfortunate when trying to build a DFU bootloader

shitpost reply 

@uint8_t that's that horse tranquiliser everyone seems to be talking about innit

@ln @uint8_t yeah I'll buy some for my unicorn to use in projects when she gets older :D

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