how do you find local friends
in a small city

is there something like okcupid but explicitly for friends??

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@uint8_t that kind of thing does exist, but i'm not familiar enough to give recommendations. i know bumble has a "bumble bff" mode that's explicitly for finding friends, not romantic partners.

@uint8_t maaaybe Her? You can use it for friends/set that as a label. Dunno how well that works.

@moiety isn't that also a swipe left-right thing? I'm super NOT into that

@uint8_t it is. I met some seemingly nice people on there. But 🤷🏻‍♀️

Online-FriendFindingService example Germany 


Not sure if this is of help, but in Germany #gleichklang explicitly offers to also help find friendship.

(I think) they started out as an online dating/matching-community (for somehow "green/eco/..." people) but then broadend their service.

I have no personal experience with them, though.

( They do advertise a lot in German "Schrot&Korn" a Magazin you get for free in organic stores ("Bioladen"), thats how I knwo about it)

@uint8_t Block parties, barbecues, introducing yourself with baked goods, dancing, clubs or athletic hobby groups, doing community service -- not that all of these currently work but they used to.

@uint8_t I'd assume shared interest? So the sports club, the chess club, sometimes work or some other hobby? I also sometimes see some adds for that in a local magazine dedicated to all kind of "Kleinanzeigen".

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