after work I went swimming 2 km in the local lake and exercise Felt So Good


Photo was taken yesterday but same location

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Sunday this railway maintenance thingy drove by, it was a very interesting sight

@uint8_t ooooh yes, these things are amazing to watch! great photo too, how it hides behind the trees like it's about to strike :3

@uint8_t Search for Plasser & Theurer or Gleisstopfmaschine on a video portal of choice. These machines can even replace the rails while driving over them at that speed. As in the first parts are running over old tracks, the rear parts over the just newly laid.
Mesmerizing to watch.

cotton, or thistles? 

@uint8_t do you know whether cotton grows in southern Germany, or if it is even farmed there? Because otherwise those fluffy plants in the second picture could also be thistles, judging from the slight grayness in the fluff. They often grow as weeds between organically farmed crops, and some farmers let them grow naturally in wildflower strips beside the main crops; but they're also sometimes farmed as a main crop themselves to extract the oil from their seeds.

cotton, or thistles? 

@daniel_bohrer you're probably right! I can take a closer look some day

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