today I learned:

when you get an envelope where "Bitte frankieren" stands where usually the stamps go, you just ignore it and it will be delivered.

It's a trick trying to get you to pay for the stamp instead of the recipient.

@uint8_t "Freimachen falls Marke zur Hand" is similar ;)

@uint8_t and I have just looked it up too, it is a FAQ:

I am quite surprised of this decade old dark pattern...

I thought, @uint8_t was joking. What the heck.

I guess, companies could also include an envelope without such a pre-print, if they really wanted you to pay for it, but I'm also asking myself how a customer should know.
Like, unless it explicitly spells out that the recipient will pay, I wouldn't expect a letter to be delivered without a stamp.


It will always get delivered but the recipient will also be charged a fine.


@uint8_t @ckeen @friend If it says „Antwort“ on the envelope, the recipient only pays a business reply rate. As said in the thread, they’ll often try to trick you to pay the postage instead with the sentences above.

@sandzwerg freundliche Erinnerung, dass du mit mindestens einer Person redest, die bis vor kurzem noch nicht in Deutschland gewohnt hat… 🙂 @ckeen @uint8_t

@uint8_t @daniel_bohrer @ckeen das überrascht mich nicht. In solchen Sachen gibt es dann doch oft Einigkeit

@uint8_t I heard that the critical part was having "ANTWORT" on the address label?
But they still made us pay at the post branch, every time in different branches...

@IngaLovinde Yes!! I asked them and they were like, sure, buy a stamp!

turns out I was ripped off all this time

@uint8_t Here they write "frankeras ej, mottagaren betalar" (nicht frankieren, der Empfänger zahlt?) when they want a snail mail reply. 🤔

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