Work laptop just fucking crashed on me

More like notwork laptop


Windows 10 is still trash

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@uint8_t I had that a lot, too. I eventually could narrow it down to USB-C-docks being involved. Guess DMA wasn't such a good idea for stability.


To be totally fair the Windows 10 installation on my desktop computer was rock solid and never crashed on me. Nonetheless I ditched it and installed Manjaro two days ago or so due to privacy concerns, especially with WIndows 11 around the corner. So that being said, it might totally be a hardware issue like faulty RAM, dry caps or so IMHO. But I totally understand the anger. Did you try to run memtest86?

@jdb78 naaaaah it is weird company laptop
They don't like when I tinker with it, otherwise it would run Arch since day 1 :D

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