I guess no one develops software anymore, keys are not necessary

@LunaDragofelis because I have either F-keys or Home and End

never both, and need to press fn+Esc to switch between those

fn+arrow keys don't act as home/end

@uint8_t Laptop keyboards peaked somewhere in the early 2000's.

One of the problems with modern design seems to be that we can't stop when we have reached a peak and just hop off the cliff on the other side because everything always has to be new and different.

@yngmar I wish it would be possible to put the X220 keyboard into everything

@uint8_t @yngmar
I switched from T420 to T460 about 2 years ago - and still can't get used to the keyboard

@uint8_t I have a similar notebook with the same layout, and yes, it's annoying af. Especially in combinations, e. g. Ctrl+End to get to the end of the file.

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