At @ln got a SIP call from Chaos Post while we were doing some grocery shopping. I'm paraphrasing here a bit

- Hi Elen, XY from is speaking. Where are you?
Elen, confused: ...
- Shopping groceries at (location)
- Which station?
- (station name)
- Alright, stay there, your post will be delivered in 10 minutes.

just as foretold, within 10 minutes a barefoot nerd emerged from the tram, ran to us, and quickly handed over a 3 meter long postcard, as shown here

(photo taken shortly after delivery)

on closer inspection of the postcard's contents, were description of Unicode characters:

N DOTS-123456} and so on

as I was taking these photos in the Gulaschgarten, and was contemplating how am I going to OCR this, I caught the attention of two fellow nerds. one of them wanted to try the OCR function of their iPhone, and while I was talking with other people, they finished copy-pasting the whole thing together (from 5-6 photos, I think) and sent me the results in email.

on the train ride back home from I read a bit on the Braille codepoints and before Augsburg I decoded the message. Attaching it as an image not to mess with screen readers.

Here is my Jupyter notebook, the source text and the decoded text if you're curious:

also I realized that on the train back home was the first time I started my computer during the entire

@uint8_t @ln I love Chaos Post for exactly this reason, and I'm really hoping I can live up to this level of dedication while running emfcamp's post. :p

@uint8_t It feels like a large part of Chaos Posts motivation stems from creating moments like these :)

@anathem @uint8_t chaos poooost!

... but I'm not expecting anything?

_take your post_

@uint8_t i have so much respect for the content and delivery method of this postcard, wow

@uint8_t Heh, I guess it's a nice visual representation of what a text-to-speech program would produce (and so what a blind person would hear).

@uint8_t These stories are what chaos events are about. You're putting a huge smile on my face.

@uint8_t I kind of feel like that I really should update the code I wrote for @ChaosPost that is driving the thermal printer responsible for it. In the past it was mostly some emoji so we could (often) get away with `s.encode("latin-1", errors='namereplace')`... We also had messages that long which were some block characters resulting in a QR code.

@uint8_t The message originally looked like this in our backend so the three meter postcard is "just" a printing artifact.

@uint8_t I still haven't started mine. Tried it once in the train to the GPN but Bahn WLAN foiled my plans

@uint8_t @ln truly, neither rain nor snow nor glom of nit can stay these mesengers abot their duty

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