on the train ride back home from I read a bit on the Braille codepoints en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braille_ and before Augsburg I decoded the message. Attaching it as an image not to mess with screen readers.

Here is my Jupyter notebook, the source text and the decoded text if you're curious:

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on closer inspection of the postcard's contents, were description of Unicode characters:

N DOTS-123456} and so on

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just as foretold, within 10 minutes a barefoot nerd emerged from the tram, ran to us, and quickly handed over a 3 meter long postcard, as shown here

(photo taken shortly after delivery)

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test ride on the new Gelände-ICE (all-terrain Intercity Express) of the Deutsche Bahn!

it's sad that @ChaosPost can only deliver postcards to present or upcoming events :(

time traveling is not a crime

selfie eye contact 

posting a selfy so you can identify me at (outside at least)


"damn, the cake started molding!" — I thought.

luckily it was just the light

after meticulously hand-cleaning a QR code I have been successfully sandrolled!! thanks

I was about to go to sleep when I suddenly heard a railway maintenance vehicle roll by. I was fascinated by it, and it was physically impossible to stop watching the caternary inspection.

Maybe there is no way to opt out of the Rundfunkgebühr but at least I can watch the ne...


Twitter came to an exact 50-50 split on the same broadcom vs realtek question, I'm impressed

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