Here 15 minutes are 1 second. (30 sec/capture -> 30 fps)

I had no idea vines move so fast! (right bottom corner)

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I recently discovered that gphoto2 can control my nikon, and of course I tried to make a little time lapse video

at the end we had to run out to fetch the camera at it started to rain :D

this evening made challenging by a damaged EFI partition leading to an unbootable compute and puzzling error messages

since the buggy UEFI/BIOS isn't able to boot from the built-in microSD reader, I used the compact camera and an USB cable

IEEE nonse 

this sounds a lot more like someone was given an alphabet and had to come up with explanations

from here:

full disclosure; I'm not sold on the necessity of Sass/Less/ other CSS frameworks, especially with CSS variables, which are fully adjustable from javascript or even the CSS itself

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tech snark 

we have very different definitions of "fun"


Gosh some of the datasheets of ST Microelectronics are actual garbage.

The document isn't just wrong, it is consistently wrong, twice.

Too bad because the micros are mostly good but bullshit documentation really makes me want to avoid them.

don't cursed open inside, eye contact 

UwU what is this

I really liked the black balsamico droplets in olive oil and wanted to film it some day.

That day was today.

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now, I haven't spent an hour filming and cutting a video of making salad dressing, why do you ask?

CV (open), eye contact (also open) 

it uses a sliding window average, and also tries to track the nearest face to the last known position

tomorrow I'll smash this together with the v4l2-loopback poc I had from before and see if I can use it in OBS

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