sure, you can use doxygen to write proper documentation, but I don't need 500 pages of this

it actually makes it worse, because instead of reading the actual source code, I'm reading this repetitive crap

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I had a really nice day until I had to order something from ebay. An hour of frustration, trying to create an account 3 times, all of which yielded totally different and unhelpful errors, before finally giving up.

Fuck everything about these companies.

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electronics nonse 

what the fuck is this

(it's the SY7208C, and this is the best datasheet I was able to find. the manufacturer itself only shows an empty page for this product)

I think I just crashed mastodon-fe by ... looking at an image (not the attached one)

I was looking for a PCB-mount faston connector, and found one with a drawing from 1978...

and it's beautiful.

I recently started liking this npn-pmos combination a lot, for using as a high-side switch. Explanation below!

I wish I had 4000 EUR, so I could order 300 cortex M4 microcontroller boards, and then get surprised in 30 years when they're delivered

I love how powerful browsing Aliexpress makes me feel!

angry at systemd-networkd 

who thought this to be a good idea

Star Trek DS9 S02E21 The Maquis pt2 & The Expanse 

Sisko basically pulled a Fred Johnson here

debugging tip. I wrote a small helper function which creates 3 cones among each axis, in different colors. Anytime I'm lost (mostly because of rotations) I just call this function, and use it as a reference for everything what's below.

This is an extremely windows 98 look

might be because of the tool being written in lazarus

might be because of the disk defragmenter

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