For a battery pack design project @ln and me are working right now I printed a mockup of a Winston WB-LYP40AHA cell (40 Ah LiFeYPO4) then 12 cells in 1:5 scale, and folded a paper box to see how much space we have. The tiny batteries are unexpectedly cute!

fucking blockchain 

The userspace freezes when you try to access a disk? Why not put the offending disk into the freezer?! Try this one weird trick! Seagate hates it.

dd_rescue for the rescue

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Economics of batteries 🔋 

@diodelass question.
A small bird entered our room. While we don't mind it, we think it might be less comfortable here inside than outside, but the bird probably can't find its way out. I fully opened the window, but that did not help. I'm also anticipating the birb might wanting to leave early in the morning.
IIRC y'all are working with our feathered friends, thereby I'm asking for advice.


PS. A photograph of the birb in question is attached to this toot.

from twitter 

It's probably my love for switching power supplies that lead me into this mess.

I remotely updated and then restarted our home server and it did not came back online. :(

I miss you Calcifer.

Today I met someone who strongly identifies as an Apache attack helicopter.

I don't know what is worse, the fact that the first thing I did in the apartment hotel was to test the RCD (FI-Schalter), or my surprise that it not work.

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