The cashier in this store wears a crocheted "mask".

COVID: Am I a joke to you??

Considering what we use it for, we should rename HTTP to just TP

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I kinda like D-SUB connectors, especially the ones with pneumatic and HV contacts mixed :D

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beds in corners are extremely comfy

@nikita curiositystream/nebula. it might be some sale pricing on the low res subscription tho.

streaming services charging 4x the price for UHD vs 1080p is weird... like, it's the same damn content, and it isn't even that much heavier on bandwidth thanks to modern video compression

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[This toot is not available in your region.]

@maris maybe marketing? just tech illiteracy? no idea.

apparently all non-illuminated displays are now called "e-ink"

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@nia that's part of the business model
make it open source, reap its benefits, but keep it as complicated as possible so you can sell commercial support

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