I have a feeling München public transport is run by the marketing department of some car manufacturer.

When you make a system the goes great lengths to hide every trace of complexity from the user, you just got yourself an even more complex system, which is on top of that, is now hostile to debug.

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one of my hypotheses of why young children are so quick to learn things, aside from the very slight neuronal boost they're given by being young, is that they are (usually, hopefully) not yet riddled with expectation, shame, doubt, and purpose.

that's more powerful than anything.

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@SuricrasiaOnline inb4 someone turns this into a shitcoin of some sorts

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Hey everyone, @tnt is about to show us all how it is done and prove that one can run Linux on an iCE40 FPGA. ;) Join the stream! He is live now! :D twitch.tv/smunaut

@spacekatia or weight ounces per liquid ounces!! the horror

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for those wondering just how big that variac is, here's a (metric) 1-2-3 block for scale.

this thing is mostly iron and copper. i wrote the mfg to get a datasheet for my exact model, let's see how this goes.

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Climate-resilient Tree

The gravel cylinder method could also draw tree roots into deeper soil layers. This can help the tree to deal with increased drought. (Image: Claus...

miragenews.com/climate-resilie #climateemergency #pollution #environment #ecology

Commuting to work should be paid as work, by the way.

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Shouldn't like, technology make us more efficient and free up time?? Instead of, you know, working the same to make already rich people even more rich?

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I feel like the 40 hours per week work time is the absolute maximum that's possible to do yet it is treated as the standard. And lots of people work even more.

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