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Fun fact: I can flip the dots using the magnetic implant in my finger!

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@maris yes!! sometimes I can even do copy-paste in firefox under wayland.

@maris in my experience kdenlive works rather well unless you try to use gpu acceleration or multithreaded UI

@x44203 it's been in the design since years and back then the i.MX8 seemed like a very good idea

@maris idk, I found it on twitter. The alt text has the URL of the source.

@seoras they charge license fee for the connectors! DP is free to use and nothing prevents you from outputting hdmi signals on a displayport connector, hdcp included.

@erincandescent spending a few hours on this eve v makes me instinctively touch displays in my vicinity for half a week

@ekaitz_zarraga Unfortunately I don't have much hope of RISC-V reaching Ryzen-like performance in the next few years :(
But for industrial embedded systems there are Ryzen SoMs available.

@ekaitz_zarraga Reform is a success already! And I can imagine a higher powered version of it with a Ryzen SoM
So all of this isn't _that_ impossible.

@roobre thicc is alright! I much prefer thick to lack of serviceability and/or features.

Star Trek TNG S07E11 Parallels 

Damn, surprise parties are Awful!

Mr Worf's disdain is very relatable.

DisplayPort instead of HDMI because fuck the HDMI consortium

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forgot to add that touch screen is good, actually.

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I think my dream laptop is

12" form factor
3k display
quick replaceable battery (plus backup so it survives a battery swap while in suspend)
SFP+ cage
2x NVMe slots internally
ports! at least 2x USB-A 3.1 and 2 or more USB-C (+PD source/sink)
open source embedded controller (or well enough reverse engineered, coreboot)
Ryzen or comparable high performance CPU
This color scheme 👇

Star Trek TNG S07E04-05 Gambit 

Wow, this double episode was really good. Picard and Riker did some impressive adhoc mission planning and kicked some ass.

@cypnk I should have tooted more, we're almost through!

Star Trek TNG S07E09 Force of Nature 

LaForge just realized his engine was leaking warp oil all across the cosmos

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Star Trek TNG S07E09 Force of Nature 

wtf Picard, stop being a cop

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Star Trek TNG S07E08 Attached (but also TNG in general) 

Gosh, I would love a TNG successor with the same wholesomeness, utopia, but a lot of boring everyday queerness and polymory.

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