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Whilst at most times is wrist mounted, a research team found evidence of other attachments fitting on top of clothing, extended with more LEDs and badges from past events. They prototyped some ideas how travelers at will have worn their card10:

I ordered stickers from wir-machen-druck dot de and while they're fast and cheap, I wouldn't recommend them for anything needing lot of details. See a scan below, with the originals (CMYK vector PDF->PNG for fedi) attached.

The CSI sticker is made by Stickermule, which has much better quality but also much more expensive. The Fully Automated sticker is made by w-m-d and it's low on detail, and they used too much black maybe? Source was vector CMYK PDF (ISO coated v2). 25 mm wide.

Is there a federated alternative to facebook events yet?

If there isn't there should be

Taking a principled stand on hate speech has the double benefit of allowing me to identify some instances that I have missed from the suspended instances list.


If you use Firefox or Chrome, we developed an easy way you can help people bypass censorship.

Our Snowflake extension turns your browser into a proxy that connects Tor users in censored regions to the Tor network.

bullshit documentation 

the lack of proper copy paste in KiCAD is very frustrating

Alternatively, invest in my other startup, where we sell surveillance systems in a subscription model.

Invest in my startup where we sell a thing that exists since half a century at least, but now at a 10-times higher price, and with a much better marketing.

#Snips is an upcoming open privacy-friendly alternative to invasive voice assistants like Siri or Alexa.

Instead of sending your voice to be processed elsewhere, the processing happens offline on the device itself:

It's not yet ready for ordinary users, but there's an official site for developers/hobbyists who want to have a go at making their own Snips device:

#AlternativesAtoZ #Siri #Alexa #Cortana

long, real 



Polishing up old gec stuff for a tutorial on the basics of procedural animation. This one's fully procedural with no keyframes at all!

#madewithunity #gamedev #unity3d


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