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this phone just has an ethernet port labeled with a drawing of an ethernet port

We just tested our oven controller and apart from the need for some thermal insulation, everything looks good.

The micropython firmware is also nearly ready for a full, automated cycle.

byciclist are blocking the traffic in #Berlin.
The bike tour is organized by the "hedosnist international", and in their words:
"We are not blocking traffic, we are the traffic!" currently the police is blocking them, and by that causing a great traffic jam.

Their press release in english/german here:

Those bike events are kind of common in some cities and known as #criticalmass.


i wonder how many people are waiting for windows 7's end of support date to reveal their zero day exploits

scrolling over the london meetups list again, seeing entries like "Redis London" and picturing their conversations:
"I store values in keys"
"What a coincidence, I too store values in keys"

I have started to make adapters from everything to Banana Plugs, so I can 'adapt' to any possible situation with the least required equipment. When I first saw this in a broadcasting vehicle, I laughed a little bit about this, but now I think it's pretty smart.

somber military thoughts 

minor complaint about Germany 

Trying to get this cute little ESP32 module to work with this cute 2.2" SPI TFT LCD

But the ESP is cursed, and the LCD is cursed too.

The processor has 512 kB internal PSRAM but we can't get micropython to see more than 73 k, and we have absolutely no idea where that RAM is. Compiled firmware like 30 times with every possible permutation of the relevant config options...


Encryption is like vaccination: it's not about protecting you from a leak, it is about protecting our society from a dictatorship.

somebody tell me about the activitypub threat model for when a server's domain name expires and years later is bought by a malicious party in order to assume the role or rights of a specific actor

My housemates are convinced our house is haunted.

I've lived here for 274 years and not noticed anything strange.

Nein, dass ist eine normale Menge an Technik, das nehm ich immer auf Reisen mit!

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