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video of crustaceans (Hermit crabs exchanging shells) 

Today at the makerspace I got the adafruit bluefruit NRF528XX bootloader burned onto my Makerdiary NRF52840 USB Dongle devkit. Due to Nordic being annoying and requiring USB bootloader DFU to be signed with a key they won’t release, I had to pull out a J-Link Debugger and flash it over SWD pins. Now I can program it straight from Arduino IDE! I loaded up the adafruit ANCS example and was receiving notifications from my phone in minutes. #making

All the VPN companies that are shilled by YouTubers are bad. NordVPN and Private Internet Access (and IIRC there was one before that as well) have both turned out to be garbage.

Subtooting myself 

the US military is an almost purely evil force and any good that it does could easily be subsumed by literally any other kind of structure that doesnt also indiscriminately murder people

I'm always sad to see anti-nuclear propaganda at the climate protests

I'm moving to Milleneapolis, a vibrant and young city with future

In contrast to the toxic and smog ridden Boomerapolis

The Ethical Slut 

purism, meta 

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