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rwasa web server in amd64 asm

it performs exceptionally for serving small files but with larger ones nginx beats it

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PSA #2 for Twitch streamers: please please get a copy of your stream before they mute it!

@uint8_t it's crazy how stable arch is despite what everyone says. My install dates back to 2016, and despite all the cursed stuff I did to it (even converted it to artix at one point), it's still rolling (hehe ^^)

Does someone have recommendations for a bench-top DMM?
I'm currently looking at a Siglent SDM3065X, but it's quite expensive... I'd prefer a used 6½ digit one, but getting used gear in Europe is hard (and importing really expensive).

Eine ganz große elektrische Wasserheizung. Führung durchs Supercomputing Centre.

I'm pledging to be fully carbon neutral by 2100

shocking secret about the FedEx logo 

of course there is plenty of designated diffuser materials in various webshops but shipping is expensive (plus I have no money), and I also have no idea how to find the ideal one without testing out a bunch

I also tested a 3mm acrylic but it was disappointingly transparent

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The only reason I'm not sticking to the baking paper is because I'm hydrophilic^Wtrying to save assembly effort.

This is the giant 7-segment LED display project, btw

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A single layer of transparent PLA doesn't do much... 2 layers of white PLA combines the drawbacks of transparent PLA and paper.

Maybe I should try the powder coated / textured steel sheet!

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Light diffusers are so hard to get right!

So far baking paper sheets beat everything else.

Plain 80g/m² white paper is nice and homogeneous, but it absorbs way too much light.

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Any recommendations for ambient/chill music that I can keep playing in the background during live-coding sessions on Twitch/YouTube?

I've tried a few different options that claim to offer music for just that, but Twitch always ends up muting parts of my video with copyright claims 😒

[Boosts appreciated!]

Just in case anyone uses #KDE and #Konsole on touch enabled devices, I shared my tweaks to make it more touch-friendly. :blobcatflower:

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