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covid-19, "social distancing", mh 

If you need something to read during this COVID-19 capitalist crisis, our stories about trans lesbian anarchists are all free to read.

The Shadow's Prison is even available as a PDF to download and read offline.
(Mind the content warnings for that one.)

Web tech is heck 

Star Trek TNG aged pretty well! We watched 4 episodes already and it's very enjoyable (:

I am making my live number updates available to other developers on :)

I hope there'll be someone who finds a use for this. If you're not a dev, I have a telegram channel outputting the live data at

their growth slowed down significantly in the last week.

the strawberries struggle with the same stunned growth.

(I should have added a piece of white paper for color reference)

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our tomato seedlings might have nitrogen deficiency!?

maybe it was not a good idea to reuse soil from other plants while repotting them...

should I give them a few drops of pee? :D

covid-19 shitpost 

Hey you! Yes you! You're enough and there's nothing wrong with you. Things are hard sometimes and that's okay. You're allowed to not be okay. I believe in you, you can get through this.

All generalisations are dangerous, including this one.

Never ever order anything shipped by GLS

No delivery attempt

No notification slip

Paket shop person refuses to give you the parcel for no reason

It is in your arms reach but it will be sent back to where it came from

GLS is a scam

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As part of the global initiative to combat the spread of capitalism, we are asking all employees and non-employees to cease paying for rent, goods or services, effective immediately. All non-essential work should be halted until further notice, and we urge all who are able to immediately begin organizing to provide armed defense and sustenance to those in their communities who are in need.

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Having a functioning 3D printer and enough filament is so good in these times.

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