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from a bug I just filed:

“infuriatingly enough, [the crash] does not occur if screen recording is enabled.”

Implementing DNS-over-HTTPS in javascript so my web app can request resolution from its own resolver directly and it can’t be blocked by your adblockers

I accidentally wrote tweet instead of toot 😔

Good afternoon friends! A fast flitting, somewhat foreboding sky, w/beaming passages that lit up each leaf like a firebrand but passed overhead far too quickly. The woods sigh in a slow strobe of air & colour, from submarine grey-green-blue to emerald glitter, carrying me untold leagues in between steps.

Wanting to slow down & luxuriate today–& maybe feeling a mild delayed backlash from upping my weights. Not an unpleasant exhaustion, more a glow of effort.

May we find peace and solace today!

I hope the person behind me isn't recognizable. I only noticed them now.

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as much as i dislike traveling by car, it's nice to be able to just stop in the middle, and not just go from city to city like i do by train.

machine has a solid 50% higher aes-xts crypto throughtput with mitigations=off

a very good processor, would recommend to my enemies

zfs very good but also terrifying sometimes

zfs destroy <zpool> does not ask you to think twice. you better be serious about typing these incantations.

*sloowly pushes glass towards edge of table* have to make sure gravity is not doing a glitch, mew

sorry for whining this much. having a bad day.

should get off fedi now, before I scare y'all away

I want more positivity in my life, and shouldn't spread my momentary helpless negativity for everyone's sake

Neurotypicals: rather than explaining "when we say these words we don't actually mean these words", why not explicitly state what you mean instead, and cut out all the confusion from the middle? Would it not be more efficient to say precisely what you mean the first time, rather than needing to spend additional time and emotional energy explaining your true intentions a second or perhaps even a third time? This does not make sense to me.

"If we don’t believe in society, what need is there for any social bonds, really? Ah, but that’s exactly what capitalism wants. What do you call a group of people without social bonds? Prey."

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the Open Hardware efforts for mobile computing like Pinephone @PINE64 or Reform @mntmn are extremely important. otherwise we might wake up one day with all our devices remotely bricked for forgetting to pay our Computing Bills

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aaaaaa, stm32f072 documentation is such trash. i can't even.

turns out repeability, competition, and interoperability "hurts" the business of hardware manufacturers, and they learned from their past mistakes. black boxes w/ vendor lock-in is their dream.

also the market is a lot less diverse as it was 15 years ago.

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