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So if you're calling internationally, you need to figure out what part to cut away and prepend with the +country code

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I was just reminded of how confusing phone numbers can be, especially when they specify weird local numbers or with national region code pre-dials, which is different in each country...

I am very disappointed in the state of solid geometry design tools (both commercial and open-source) in 2021 is still extremely far from what should be possible... Yes, it's a hard problem, but still.

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At times I feel like CAD is a misnomer, and a more accurate term could be CHD (Computer-Hindered Design)

I ran into this 8-hour long disk defragmenter video on yo utube but was disappointed because the disk seeking noises are too quiet

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This is an extremely windows 98 look

might be because of the tool being written in lazarus

might be because of the disk defragmenter

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MFW I accidentally hit Ctrl-Q instead of Shift-Q in Firefox

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I've just connected a co2 sensor to my RGB keyboard.

The keyboard turns from green to red the worse the co2 concentration in the room gets, reminding me to ventilate the office from time to time.

It's amazing what you can do with just a little Arduino, some C++, Go & MQTT 🤓

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Are you a trans person looking for a new fediverse instance? Do you like making stuff, maybe with code or electronics, or something else? Do you believe in intersectionality and anti-colonialism?
You are invited to join, an instance by and for friendly trans folks who like to create :blobcat_sipsmile:
Read the CoC at and fill out the application form on the homepage. :boost_ok:

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Highlights of 2020

Sailed from Japan to Canada for 7 weeks.

Released Nasu, Moogle, Firth, Gyo, Nespaint. Participated in the Merveilles Hypercard Jam. Wrote Donsol in 6502 assembly.

Read more books than any other year, wrote more wiki content than any other year.

Learnt C, Forth and assembly, wrote almost no Javascript and no Python. Started growing food on the boat.

don't panic, this was expected, I'm trying to save a friend's dying hard drive

ddrescue for the rescue

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and, how is your evening?

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TERFs, genderfeels 

Damn I love this angle on it. I'd never connected all these dots before.

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