Wer glaubt, er sei unter iOS vor dem Facebook-Datenstaubsauger besser geschützt, der irrt. Ich frage mich wirklich, wann die App-Hersteller endlich mal Konsequenzen ziehen. :think_bread:


The morning on new years day always has this post apocalyptic quality.

I didn't watch many talks at but one I attended and can highly recommend was by core team member _hc about nearby and offline connectivity:


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I art, but don't code, and so I loved making basic games with the #Blender game engine. It was limited, but super fast for prototyping. (Game jams!)

Alas, it is no more...

So I just tried #Armory3D. It's a newly open sourced modern game engine which integrates fully with #Blender. Best of all (for me) it can use logic nodes as well as/instead of code.

30 minutes after downloading, I have a sidescrolling 3D platformer demo on Linux/PC/Mac/Android and HTML5. 💕


I was going to say something about how we should destroy the idea that only wealthy people are allowed to have nice things. But you know what? We should think bigger.

Destroy the concept of wealth. Hoarding resources instead of sharing them is not something to be applauded or respected. People aren’t entitled to more from the world simply because they happen to own stuff.

I discovered a music genre recently, that sounds like it could be the official soundtrack of hacker culture. It's called (atmospheric) dub techno.


Tor Browser isn't just a tool for protecting activists and journalists online. You can teach your family to protect themselves with it, too.

Why should Google, your ISP, and website trackers know what your kids are researching and what sites they're visiting? They shouldn't.

Und so sieht es aus, das neue Überwachungsinterface für -Mobilfunknetze. Blau ist Domäne der Überwacher, fünf Anzapfpunkte braucht es alleine für die Metadaten, die 5G-Netze werden per default völlig aufgebohrt fm4.orf.at/stories/2948516/

Mein Vater so: "Wer Gott vertraut der braucht kein Kraut". Pflückt einen Krautkopf und drückt ihn mir in die Hand.

Just got the long anticipated 7 update for my FP2!
*( ^ - ^ )*

Thank you @Fairphone, you're awesome. I really appreciate that you're going all the way to make your products as long lived as possible.

I'm #vegan because:
- ecology
- ethics
- health

Nuf said.
Educate yourself.

Falls man/frau/whatever mal in die Verlegenheit kommt erklären zu müssen und dabei nicht auf Sarkasmus verzichten möchte.

Paywall für Berlin

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