Just signed my first git commit. And what can I say. It's surprisingly easy, could have started doing that years ago. 😅

If you've got and all that's needed is, adding your key fingerprint to gitconfig and specify `-S` when doing a commit.

A while ago I radically improved my by getting a and moving to an offline generated key. Now I finally added proofs for and . All done 42 days before my old key expires. Maybe I should look into next. 😄

I don't mind dealing with the nitty-gritty technical details. Makes me feel special. But I also really wish, this would be more accessible for non tech-savvy people. :breadthink:

holy ... 12 looks ... different. Feels like a UI downgrade to me :breadunhappy:

Oh well, at least in a couple of years, I get to look back on the same way I'm looking back on now

I took my self-built apart today. It was 10 years old and catching dust for years now. Strange how I love something when it's bleeding edge and lose interest when it becomes ubiquitous. The parts are still fine, not sure if I should get rid of them or keep them around for future projects.

A someone I didn't know before hand showed up and offered to translate my tiny public transport departure times app to French. <3 It's already available on . I'm really loving this.


Anyone else here missing soup.io?

"The paradise of the rich is made out of the hell of the poor"

-- Victor-Marie Hugo; french poet, novelist, dramatist, essayist and politician who would have turned 200 today. <3


for everybody who can still laugh about etc.


The counter for summing up how much $$$ got scammed/hacked away in all read articles so far, is pretty amusing imho

Thing's that happen when you're dependent on which are of a company:


It's outrageous to deny those people their artificial eye sight, just because a company failed.

An solution to this dilemma: Bionic implants should be entirely and . Then victims of this company or their healthcare providers could start or hire another organization for maintaining those . IP rights are broken.


Hi, Ich habe in den Einstellungen einen Datenexport von meinem Konto hier angefordert. Jetzt ist mir gerade in meiner Inbox ein unverschlüsseltes E-Mail von chaos.social aufgefallen das einen Download-Link für diesen Export-beinhaltet. Der Link kann ohne jegliche Authentifizierung herunterladen werden.

Ist ein privacy issue, denn so ein dump beinhaltet u.a. auch PMs ...

I released a little update for my whip app on . It finally does accelerometer based motion detection. 🙃 Previously it required a gyroscope, which is usually not available on budget phones. I also implemented polar coordinate based motion detection now, so it's finally working for left-handed people too. :yayblob: 🌈


#Munich regional court finds embedding Google Fonts in a website violates #GDPR, "legitimate interest" did not apply since the fonts can easily be directly integrated into their website, thereby avoiding sending IP addresses to #Google.


Some of the #GuardianProject team will be at #IETF 113 in Vienna, it'll be good to see people in person again!

Registration for #IETF113 (19-24 March 2022) is now open. Sign up to participate in and read all the details about the first-ever hybrid IETF meeting: ietf.org/blog/113-registration

oh no. Die Polizei hat die Hausfeldstraße bei einer von Klimaktivisten besetzten Lobau-Tunnel Baustelle abgesperrt. Hoffe alles ist in Ordnung. :s

The #EU #OpenSource Policy Summit 2022 is happening on Friday at from 10:00 to 18:00 CET.

Details and zero-cost registration: summit.openforumeurope.org/

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