Really looking forward to finally get an upgrade to Android 7 for the best mobile FLOSS experience commercially available to date: FairphoneOpen (@Fairphone) + @fdroidorg πŸ’– πŸ’–

@h3artbl33d @Fairphone @fdroidorg

is special because it's maintained by themselves. This makes the Fairphone 2 super hackable an enables many amazing community ROMs:

... Oreo ;)


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Can you elaborate that a bit more? Because if vendor support equals 'super hackable', OnePlus devices should be that, as OnePlus supports OxygenOS.

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The reason I am not entirely optimistic is that the hardware of the Fairphone isn't entirely open. That is -partly- what is holding the open community back. Closed firmware, undocumented binblobs.

However, Fairphone did succeed in the initial mission: to produce a fair phone.

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I'm writing this from a fairphone 2 running lineageos 15.1, so... Oreo! It's not officially made by @Fairphone, but it's available for our phone :blobaww:

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Same on a Nexus 5X. Used the now defunct CopperheadOS before - LineageOS 15.1 is a solid yet less secure alternative.

@noncommutativegeometry @h3artbl33d

has implemented a couple of security improvements on top of they are listed here:

They also ship @fdroidorg instead of . So users will be less exposed to and privacy invading .

@uniq @noncommutativegeometry

I have been a long term user of CopperheadOS, before switching to LineageOS due to the ongoing events with #CopperheadOS. I really miss 'em!

@h3artbl33d @uniq
What happened? (aka: where can I read something regarding these happenings?)

@uniq @noncommutativegeometry @h3artbl33d Well, Lineage and the FP Open OS come without Google Play Services, too. FPOOS even has the fdroid priviledge extensions preinstalled.


Open Hardware or Firmware is an entirely different story. If that worries you you should definitely take a look at :) They're doing a great job building an entirely distribution. But I guess you know how hard, reverse engineering is. Therefore only supports a very limited amount of hardware.

@uniq Replicant isn't my piece of cake (though been keeping an eye on them). Personally, I have been eyeballing the Librem 5. Still contemplating whether I am going to preorder one. Depending on multiple factors, it might be a total gamechanger. I guess time will tell.


OxygenOS might be nice to build, I wouldn't know. Anyway building FairphoneOpen is well documented and very close to AOSP which is what I mean by hackable

@uniq Ah! Yeah, (near-)AOSP with vendor backing lays proper groundwork for hacking! Totally agreed on that.

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