Danke dafür, dass du mich auf NewPipe aufmerksam gemacht hast! Schönes Projekt

@jedie I'm guessing @theScrabi has his hands full already, but might accept contributions if someone's interested to code that.

@uniq @jedie full ack we are open for more supported sites. There is also a dovumentation if you are interested.

@theScrabi @uniq @jedie
Maybe you could have a look at the youtube-dl and streamlink projects, if you can reuse code or at least data like URLs and regular expressions from their plugin repositories, which have support for a huge number of video sites.

@uniq Immediately made an update via F-Droid! Great!!!

@uniq @schmittlauch I can only find version 1.14.1 on FDroid. Do I have to wait a bit or have to activate some feature to show pre-releases? I'm asking, because that sounds really good :)

@smartsammler @schmittlauch it's available on . You might wan to go to FDroids 'latest' or 'categories' screen and pull to refresh. Then FDroid will check for updates immediately and you'll get that update

@uniq @smartsammler @schmittlauch I had to uninstall it and reinstall it, because the keys changed. Thank you for your help

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