I'm seriously considering getting rid of phone contracts/sim card. Preaching about privacy but using the cell network on a daily basis feels hypocritical.

To begin with, I turned off mobile data on my phone for the last 7 days. There's still plenty of stuff to do while traveling offline like consuming RSS, podcasts, videocasts, ebooks, ... I'm missing looking things up online thou. Offline messaging actually feels way less stressful to me.

@uniq The problem is that without mobile connection there's no way to check Matrix or Mastodon in the break or in the bus.Well,the bus has a free wifi hotspot but speed and stability are shit ๐Ÿ˜ข But you can always connect to mobile data over Tor/Orbot,then your ISP knows that you were online but not what you did.When using internet at home,they also know that you're online.What's the big difference here?

@nipos @uniq The main difference I see, is that your provider knows your physical location.

Your device should not have a cellular modem or have a hardware switch for it.


@hexmasteen @nipos Yes, cell radio constantly leaking my personal location is the major concern for me. There's a lot of sensitive data in there:
* political: clubs, protests, ..
* health: practitioners, stamina, ..
* business: partners, customers, retail stores, ..
* friends
* ..

I like s approach, is a very interesting device and certainly a step in the right direction. I'm not ready yet to spend that much money on a phone which doesn't run thou.

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