announced their will get a license. They do it because they want to enable . I wonder what they think about shipping also on , because their business-model requires a and F-Droid is not providing that.

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Is it possible to distribute an app via F-droid that has to be enabled with a serial key later?

@alerich Yup, comes with pay features that have to be unlocked. @uniq

@alerich There are also other apps on that require a paid subscription such as . @uniq


I would say it is! As I see it #fdroid is about #FreeSoftware - Free as in #Freedom - not neccecarily free as im free beer / gratis .

I like the concept of "paying for things" .

@uniq @alerich

@El_joa @fdroidorg @uniq @alerich F-Droid does allow apps with anti-features, it just flags them as such. So there's precedent, I suppose.

But that's usually about things like promoting proprietary services, I don't think I've seen "this software is actually intentionally useless out of the box".

That said, if it were allowed, I'm sure a version without the anti-feature would be welcomed as well, so it would seem rather pointless.

@uniq From a financial point of view, I would assume that putting the app on @fdroidorg probably does not have any significant impact. Even the opposite may be the case: Network effects could convince more people to buy the app via Appstore/Google Play.

While paying a few Euros would be totally fine for me, not being available in was the number 1 reason why I did not consider installing it yet.

@uniq NonFreeNet (as the server and service is not free), and all is fine. What's the difference to eg weather apps where you need to get your own key first (except that for Threema you'd need to pay for the key)? The description should make that clear, of course. But as @El_joa wrote: the "F" in F-Droid stands for Freedom โ€“ not necessarily for FreeBeer. Though currently the two usually come in pairs ๐Ÿ˜‰

@IzzyOnDroid @El_joa Oh, I didn't question whether F-Droid would accept Threema, rather than whether the authors would agree to publishing it there.


Oh, sorry I got you wrong there!๐Ÿ˜ฏ
Thanks for clarifying!

I don't think they'll drop paying for the service. After all, it's a company and not a foundation like e. g. the devs of Krita or LibreOffice are. But Open Source does not mean not having to pay anything. There are FLOSS you have to pay for.

And I think that paying for a messaging app is not neccessairily a bad thing. After all, the devs finance marketing and development with it, the users know where they get the money from and it's a one-time payment with a low price.

@clacke @uniq
Yes. You don't have to pay for the app itself but for the license. You might not notice it in the Play/App Store but you clearly notice it in the Threema Shop.

You can download the APK but before creating an account, you'd first have to purchase and copy-paste your license key (which is also a one-time purchase as long as you don't lose it) in the app.

@AlinaTheHedgehog @uniq But ... why? That seems like a very awkward way to do it. Why not charge for the service, like other providers do?

If you pay for the client license it ain't free software, it's ransomware.
@uniq @AlinaTheHedgehog I'm paying a very small annual fee for my primary email account and other services, but I would be very grumpy if I downloaded K9 from F-Droid and it turned out it would be locked until I paid someone.

@clacke @uniq
Threema has never advertised their services and apps as being "free".

In the Play AND App Store, you first pay the price and then you can download the app (Threema Work works differently).

The Threema Shop version is an alternative for Android devices and works the way that I had previously described. However, that way you can purchase multiple licenses at once and be able to give them to other people because the Play Store doesn't have a "Gift option" as the App Store does.

@clacke @uniq

I'd be ready paying for e. g. ProtonMail monthly/annually but I wouldn't want paying regularly for an Instant Messenger (like WhatsApp before Facebook came). And then there's the price itself.

You have to think about what kinds of services you are comparing: e-mail providers, messengers, social media services, VPNs, cloud storage services etc.
Depending on what you are comparing, there are different preferences you can have for that service - privacy-wise and functionality-wise.

@clacke @uniq

An example: saving messages/mails/posts locally VS on a server.

With instant messengers, I do not prefer my messages being permanently stored on a server but e-mail-providers and social media services can't do it differently.

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