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🍄 Nouvel atlas de poche des champignons comestibles et vénéneux.
Paris, Léon Lhome, 1911-1912.

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Lua becoming more of an alternative to VimL is also a big one.

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I think I tooted the exact same thing ~2 years ago on another account, but:

It's absolutely impressive how much evolved since the last time I used it. Such an amazing project.

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sustainability + poverty 

Have you noticed that people living comfortably enough to opine about it are often dramatically out of touch about consumer goods?

Like it's cute to say "patch clothes! re-sole shoes!" but that's not how inexpensive clothing works any longer. You can't repair shoes from Walmart; they're not even sewn. You can't patch $10 jeans. You can patch $30 jeans, absolutely! The $10 ones fail to disintegration; they're not thriftable. First job: help everyone into the $30 ones.

And it feels good to have a proper package manager and customizability again.

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I'm back on (f-droid powered) and . After roughly a year of using the ecosystem I'm going to sell all my devices. I wanted to go back eventually because I wasn't really convinced and missed the fosslife, but last week's news accelerated it.
I guess that's what you get for buying into corporate privacy promises.

Which hosting provider would the Fediverse recommend for hosting a ? I used time4vps.eu in the past and it was ok, but I‘m curious what alternatives people use.

(Server at home is currently not an option.)

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If Apple crosses this line, there’s no going back. It will set a dire precedent and shift the borders of personhood irrevocably.

Google will follow suit.

Soon any system that doesn’t implement on-device scanning/reporting will be deemed illegal (or carry an association of guilt).

It won’t be limited to phones/tablets. Your Mac is next. General computing as we know it could cease to exist.

It won’t be limited to the initial content. Erdoğan, Putin, Orban, Bolsanaro… will decide the scope.

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No matter how well-intentioned, @Apple is rolling out mass surveillance to the entire world with this. Make no mistake: if they can scan for kiddie porn today, they can scan for anything tomorrow.

They turned a trillion dollars of devices into iNarcs—*without asking.* t.co/wIMWijIjJk

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Lange hats nicht gedauert:

"We decided to bring the issue directly to the public after the CDU opened a court case to criminalise a German hacker
following a Whitehat report. Normally we wanted to report the vulnerabilities directly via Responsible Disclosure, but
were deterred by incidents mentioned above. These did not stop us but we therefore chose another way to make noise."


Alright I’m ready for remote and to fuck up my european sleep schedule over the next days ☕️

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If you enjoy watching a show never look up what people have to say about it on the internet. I should have learned it by now 😀

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