Hey @JPEG any chance to fix Mast crashing quite often on iOS 12.3.1, iPhone Xr,

@vautee Sure, where are the crashes occurring, and can I repeat them?

@JPEG A bit difficult and usually not repeatable (right away):
Opening 'Local' Tab ➡️ crashes.
Opening 'Notification' Tab ➡️ crashes.

I only use one account on one instance, so it's not multi-account releated.

@JPEG For 2 days now I cannot open the notification tab, even after a phone restart.
Notifications themselves do work so far, when accessing the tab Mast manages to remove the hovering notification count but then crashes instantly. Seems I have to reinstall it.

@vautee Thank you for all the bug reports, I’ll investigate further and see what’s up and causing these issues.

@JPEG Aaaand some other bug (?) which I observed when opening a Direct Messages Tab / Chat with a user, please see the 500 right above. It's shown at every DM chat.

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