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I recently got a magnet implanted into one of my fingers. It's quiet small (~2x3mm) and strong enough to lift a paper clip or to send a laptop into standby when approaching it's lid sensor.

It's still healing, but I'm already able to feel magnetic fields like the fan in my laptop or the electric motor of a train.
One could say I acquired a new sense. Any ideas what else I could do with it?

Under normal circumstances (say: no food connected to my modem) my line syncs to ~205/45 Mbit/s, btw.

Because there were some questions regarding my cabling: I wired the line to pin 4 & 5 of an 8P8C (falsely known as RJ45) socket. I stripped away the extra wires for this photo.

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I got several requests on how fast potato internet is, so I plugged one between the second DSL wire.
Didn't even cost much bandwidth, still about 175/39 Mbit/s! Definitely some HF-magic going on here.
The apple doesn't seem to be too happy about the heat in the cabinet, though.

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Working in the field of network/systems architecture consists mostly of dealing with weird edge cases and limitations in hard- and software.
Which is so much fun and annoying as hell.

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hello from where they break the internet
“So at its heart, The Internet is for End Users is a call for IETF participants to stop pretending that they can ignore the non-technical consequences of their decisions, a call for broader consultation when making them, and one for continued focus on the end user.”

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Today I learned that the service dog emoji 🐕‍🦺 is constructed by combining the code points for the safety vest 🦺 and the dog 🐕 with a zero width joiner.

Unicode lets us dress dogs. It's blessed.

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Als ich jünger war dachte ich freie Software sei der erste Schritt zu fully automated gay space communism. Stellt sich raus, das funktioniert wohl eher nur andersrum :/

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‪OH: “Subnetzmasken, auch bekannt als Raumteiler.”‬

I’ve been using Ceph for half a year now and ZFS already feels like it’s from the stone age.

A drive dies.
ZFS: OMG, provide a new drive immediately or shit will hit the fan!!
Ceph: btw, osd xy is dead, I already got you covered.

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