@vidister The 5W USB soldering irons are far better than they have any right to be for $6.

@qrs @vidister but there are way better soldering irons for about double that (little regulated handle with hakko compatible tip; not quite as good as a ts100 but waaaay better than these 5W usb abominations)

@vidister Die Idee gefällt mir eigentlich richtig gut. So am Schreibtisch schon nice wenn da nicht so viel herumstehen muss 😍

@falk @vidister naja PoE am Switch kann man ja auch automatisiert schalten wenn man möchte

@sir @vidister in a similar vein, we have some birdies at work that take 12V over... 3-pin XLR. Y'know. Microphone cable.

I'm sure someone's let smoke out of a mixer with one of those PSUs before
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