Make Firefox (on Linux+Wayland) fast again:
open about:config
set layers.acceleration.force-enabled = true
restart firefox

now about:support should say Compositing: OpenGL

thank me later

Couldn't render full screen 4k videos before.. on an AMD Vega... Now it works and WebGL on 4k screens is smoother than ever because the compositing is not cpu-bound anymore..

@vidister What if it still says "Compositing: WebRender"?

@vidister Found the answer myself: "gfx.webrender.enabled" was manually set to true. Reverted back to false now it says OpenGL and seems smoother in a first short test.

Thanks alot!

@vidister It looks good. Also on the Firefox / X11 system the compositing was not set to OpenGL.

Changed the setting on my system (that is still running X11).

And tested it with Hydra. @ojack

@vidister isn't OpenGL legacy and WebRender the new thing?

@qsx oh, good question. For me it was “Basic” before, which was super slow…

@vidister Done right now, thks for the tips !
Now i will search what change for my usages, but maybe just the battery time !

I did the procedure, but it says Compositing: Web Render
Although it seems to work faster anyway (perhaps placebo effect?)

@vidister Wow that is a real game changer on the PinePhone

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