We aligned our Mastodon account name with other social media accounts. As renaming is not possible, we have moved! Please follow @c3voc from now on. ^da

Die nächsten Wochen werden wieder spannend und informativ. Unsere Winkekatzen sind unterwegs zum nach Sibbesse, zur nach St. Augustin, zum in Eastnor (UK) und zu den nach Darmstadt. c3voc.de/eventkalender ^me/^da

Wieviele Winkekatzen braucht man für ein Mastodon? ^da


chaos.social - because anarchy is much more fun with friends.
chaos.social is a small Mastodon instance for and by the Chaos community surrounding the Chaos Computer Club. We provide a small community space - Be excellent to each other, and have a look at what that means around here.
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The primary instance languages are German and English.