Wie wurdest DU auf Mastodon aufmerksam ❓

Über ein boost wäre ich erfreut!


Finally I have my teleconferencing setup the way I want it... 🤔


You know how sometimes you look at a sign and you think "What has happened here that means this sign is required?"

Please accept this sign I found in a church today:


Interesting video from someone owning just too many ancient scientific/industrial artefacts, and having a very funny accent.

Company two factor authentication for the VoIP Telephone (and all other „cloud based“ apps and services we increasingly use) wants to call me on the VoIP Telephone. 🤦‍♂️

And before anyone wants to call me stupid for choosing this number: it used to be a physical line (hardware telephone) and then at least it used to work without two factor authentication for the VoIP phone.

Das in Stuttgart waren lauter junge Menschen, die wissen es halt nicht besser - ganz wie der CDU-Typ Amthor. Schwamm drüber, geht bei Korruption ja auch.

Every typo [in trumps tweets], every misspelling, especially the strange capitalizations are actually messages and you have to study them, like scripture, to understand the real meaning beneath the veneer of the bumbling buffoon. 🙂

I seriously forgot *how* long a füllen Software load of the Siemens BS-11 took. Like hours. Let's hope the BTS is functional again after that.

Knauf und Riegel in Kupfer.
Software hat noch ein, zwei rauhe Stellen... Aber ich nenne das mal v1.0 🎉

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Pretty killer performance, but I dunno... maybe they need a few more years of practice?

The Konnakol breakdown in the middle is fekkin GIGANTIC.

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