Ich brauch eure HIlfe!

1. Kennt ihr Quellen / Sammlungen von Sets zu Events? Bitte her damit!

2. Ich brauche noch ein Favicon. Ideen?

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The most complicated thing about making vegan Goulash: arguing about the correct pronounciation of the Worcestershire sauce used in one of the recipies.


One of the cats (the female) LOVES to stand in puddles of water and watch floating debris or small bubbles, not minding getting her paws (or sometimes even her belly) wet.

Her brother most often comes to watch very interestedly, clumsily slips, falls in, and immediately flees in terror. ;-)

It does something! This is just random startup data, there's no controller yet.

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We [the whole rest of the household] made and installed an epic custom cat run for their human's birthday: ( #Caturday and of course #IPetThatCat )

What's the difference between a transhumanist and a technophobe?

The technophobe has a computer science degree.

Ich versuchs einfach mal:

Ich suche ab sofort jemanden mit Embedded Linux/Buildroot/C++17 Erfahrung Vollzeit auf Freelance/Consultant Basis bis mind. Ende des Jahres.

Standort ist im Raum Nürnberg, Tätigkeit kann aber größtenteils Remote sein.

gerne boost :)

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