Project Minidraw: both linear guides are now connected and center return pulleys are in place.

♲ This is a joke, right? WhatsApp patches NSO buffer overflow, release note states 'You can now see stickers...'
And we wonder why average Joe doesn't appreciate the importance of updates.
HT @_tonygee_…

Der wirklich beste Ort mit jemanden Schluss zu machen, ist McDonalds. Keine Teller oder Tassen die einem an den Kopf fliegen, keine scharfen Messer, keine spitzen Gabeln. Außerdem kann man sich immer hinter einem dicken Kind verstecken.

mobile phone status:
• iPhone has dead battery
• Galaxy S4 has dead baseband modem
• Galaxy S4 Mini has dead screen
• Galaxy S3 runs a lineageos custom build where everything is broken

Finished assembling and testing another batch of iCEBreaker V1.0c open source FPGA development boards! I don't know what it is, but they like stacking and lining up in pretty repetitive patterns. :)

Beim Spiegeln von Mediendateien über ein Unterverzeichnis "throat singing" gestolpert. Warum höre ich das jetzt schon seit >30 Minuten an? ;-)

seriously, Mifare classic in 2019? That's ~12 years after it has been broken? How clueless can a manufacturer of keys/locks be? fail

Status: neither easel nor my camera want to work with kubuntu today

OsmoDevCon2019 videos have been released: See for related news item

I had read quite a lot of Iain M. Banks' work before it occurred to me that his drones and his ships are non-binary.

Here we have enbies who are gentle gardeners, fussy etiquette experts, and eager murderers leashed by a moral code.

Currently looking for more information on Ericsson RBS 6401/6402 (commissioning, software installation, ...). Any help appreciated.

A bunch of iCEBreaker V1.0c FPGA boards. Assembled, tested and broken out of their panels! It is always exciting to see boards neatly standing in their trays ready to be packed! ;)

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