Preliminary dump of the voice data from a McDonnell-Douglas H05A0035-10 Central Aural Warning System. I believe first flown on the DC-9.

Voice data was stored on three 256Kx8 EPROMs. I traced out a schematic of the voice board and dumped them in-circuit, so there was no need to try and desolder the chips from the heavily conformal coated multilayer board.

If you haven't seen Shake Hands with Danger, it's a workplace safety vehicle focused on construction equipment with impeccable timing and terror, and a banger of a song

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Heute gelernt dass es bei der Reichspost ein "Amt für Wellenausbreitung" gab. Toller Name für Leute, die sich mit Funktechnik beschäftigen...

Ah, fuck. Mis-lifted a heavy boulder in the garden, now I can’t properly walk upright… that’s this “being old” isn’t it? 😫

In case anyone has a pcap trace of the SWu (UE-ePDG interface of VoWiFi) together with matching IKEv2 decryption rules for wireshark, I would appreciate it. Trying to establish the IPsec of VoWiFi from a FOSS client to MNO ePDG.

cleaning out some surplus telecom hardware from my basement, in case anyone is interested in items from let me know

Der Staat will uns zwangsimpfen, und die Pharma-Mafia hat schon das passende Produkt dafür.

The German state wants to introduce forced vaccinations, not directly, but indirectly... like... through the back-door. And "Big-Pharma" already has the right product.

Danke an die Hinweise. Das sind Perlhühner!

Total sympathisch. Hab früher selbst viel Perl gemacht.

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