@vogelchr this was *way* too much effort I put in to make those watertight again (and very likely it won’t be still, there’s only so much that heatshrink+hot glue can do 🤷‍♂️)

Golden rule of fairy lights: it it says “for outdoor use” it most likely isn’t.

Water ingress in Christmas decorations’ cables… 🤬

Getting ready for ! Assembling more pre-production iCEBreakers for the assembly workshops. This was the original @oe1cxw motivation behind his design requirements document, that eventually became the iCEBreaker as you can find on the Crowd Supply campaign today. crowdsupply.com/1bitsquared/ic

Das API von REAPER ist umfangreich, war aber @mespotine nicht genug. Darum hat er selber eins geschrieben - mit 700 Endpoints(!). Heute hat er sie released - das dürfte nach @Studio_Link_DE die größte Einzelleistung des deutschen Podcastuniversums sein:


I still can't handle "polkit", core part of modern systemd distributions, embeds a freaking JavaScript interpreter (policy rules written in it).
I can't even. It's like someone said "how about sudo but using electron" and instead of laughing and moving on (it's okay to have bad ideas) it was instead implemented and we all just said okay this is our life now.
It's insane to define policy in a language as silly semantically as javascript, and can't help being grumpy about the dependency.

Writing trouble-tickets to IT about Office 2016 issues. That's how low I've sunk.

{Seriously? How can people work with this shit? I'm really feeling bad for people that have, like, actually admin MS Exchage for a living.}

35c3.bleeptrack.de circuit generator update:
- PR added 2 new symbols: LED, Battery
- improved textbox placement
- fixed coil scaling issue

Another HP7475a plotting video, now with optimized HPGL output :-). Scribbling even faster.


Just learned that Aisler tests even the cheap PCBs (3 for 6€!). I was a little sloppy and probably violated a few design rules ;-)

Found some use for the advertising stickers Intel™® forces upon our computers…

Today: Cleaning Telephones 🧼 ☎️
Tomorrow: Will leave the planet on Golgafrincham Ark Fleet Ship B

🦄 :fairydust: 🎙️ Es gibt wieder eine Podcast-Assembly beim vom Sendezentrum. Derzeit planen wir, was wir alles stemmen können (oder auch nicht). Wer da mithelfen möchte - es sind keine Engel-Schichten - bitte hier mal kurz eintragen: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

@bleeptrack There's definitely some room for improvements, though.

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