Eine hochqualitative, passgenaue LED-Streifen-Stabilisierung. Spezialanfertigung.

A.k.a Kabelkanaldeckel.

Suche Verwendungsvorschläge für den Rest vom Kabelkanal.

Amsterdam, what a beautiful city! And I met @qrs@twitter.com and holly today <3 just perfect

RT @Grolmori@twitter.com

Ich dachte, der Kollege hört einen Podcast.

Dabei hat er eine Sprachnachricht von seiner Freundin bekommen. Länge: 27 Minuten und 14 Sekunden.

Und jetzt lasst uns alle für ihn beten. Wirklich.

What people miss a lot when talking about e-Scooters/PLEVs in Germany: in rural areas, they make public transport more or even at all accessible for people. My next bus stop is ~1km away. Often it's a lot more. With my e-skateboard no prob + can take it in the bus. Bike: nope.

Most amazing roadside remote Radiohead in Taiwan: open, unprotected single mode fiber (LC) next to a road. Anyone can easily unplug or break the fiber :/

@LaF0rge one more pic showing that Ericsson RRU stuck to a roadside pole

In other news weather today wasn't as nice as the last few days, resulting in interesting road conditions with the following results:

Anyone else having issues with .cx domains? My three .cx domains have been taken out of service, even though they are paid and active

(e.g. host -tns DOMAIN.CX ns.cocca.fr gives NXDOMAIN)

Studie zu CO2-Emissionen: Forscher verlangen radikales Kohle-Aus - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Wissenschaft

Die CO2-Emissionen müssen drastisch gesenkt werden, wenn die Klimaziele von Paris noch erreicht werden sollen. Wissenschaftler haben ausgerechnet, was das bedeutet.


Quickly built a (functional but ugly) doghouse for my mixer case out of a leftover strip of 12mm birch(?) multiplex board… Finally a good place to put the tablet (I don’t need the doghouse to protect cables, because most of the time I only have connected one CAT5 cable there 🤷‍♂️ …)

Loudspeaker broke few days before an important job (button selecting between microphone and line level no longer stays put in „line“ setting). I removed the offending switch, fortunately all one has to do is to desolder it.

On the positive side, I now have the worlds most overpowered PC speaker… (doing some testing) 😜.

Arrived in Taipei and discovered new technical gadget in front of MRT washrooms:

Different kind of interesting publicly visible electrical installations in Seoul underground mall (close to city hall metro station)

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