@elldee ich habe in der Vergangenheit, letztes Mal dürfte Win8 gewesen sein, ntfsclone verwendet. Gleiches Partitions-Layout, bootloader Partition mit dd kopiert, ntfs Partition mit ntfsclone.

@eazy @glow ps manpage shows that there should be a status flag „+“ which looks useful.

@glow Both scripts have been forked, what you want to check is whether the script is in "foreground" or "background".

This is related to the process groups your process (script) is in (and can change, as you can suspend a "foreground" process with "Ctrl-Z", put into the background via "bg". Or bring to foreground with "fg".

You could write a (rather tiny) c-/go-/rust-program that checks whether getpgrp()==tcgetpgrp(STDIN_FILENO), and if it is, it's run in foreground.

Me not understanding USB reported volume size Show more

@jotbe Grandios! Sir Isaac Newton vs. Dr. Andreas Scheuer 🙂

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Verschlüsselung stärken - Tor verbieten
Personalmangel bei Polizei ignorieren - Polizeigesetze verschärfen
Dieselskandal ignorieren - Grenzwerte hochsetzen
Digitalsteuer ablehnen - Verantwortung an Plattformen abschieben -> Uploadfilter
Grundrechte für die Sicherheit opfern - Nazis in Polizei und Militär ignorieren


Oh the joy of taking a prolonged bath in the tub, after a stressful week…

🔔📦 {running male person only dressed in towel emoji}

Awesome new video by @tnt showing multiple options of USB protocol capture, decoding and analysis. Including a new solution using iCEBreaker to capture 96MSPS, and decoding the data in @sigrok Also featuring the amazing OpenVizsla! youtube.com/watch?v=JjU5OQCWgm

At my mother’s place, where I grew up. Found my first mixing desk and very, very crappy microphone which, I guess, sparked my interest in audio stuff…

First movements of my baby penplotter 😍 thank you so much @buildlog@twitter.com for the Board and porting grbl to the esp32!

@besserwisser They are funny, I just had a look at their other youtube videos, and I think it's worth it.


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