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It's actually pretty hard to have the camera handy at the right time: They really like doing it, but it's only for a few seconds, as it seems to be quite exhausting. Very often, they just stroll around in the field on the ground (how boring!).

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Unfortunately the iPhone levels out the brightness, but we have an incredible combination of yellow pink dusk on one, and dark gray stormy clouds on the other side of the village.

Happy to announce 11th Developer Call featuring a "high-level introduction into IMS, VoLTE and VoWiFi", - Friday July 23rd, 20:00 CEST - open to the general public, free as in freedom (and beer).

still not posting a lot of 🐈 content, cats still aren’t allowed outside (and she has to wear her onesie) so life is a little bit dull

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