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The good work over on the "okreader" project is kind of amazing to me.

They have hacked away at a few kobo readers and made them virtually blob free barring wifi and the eink display controller.

No DRM, no other proprietary software. No vertically integrated store. No gaping spots in the UI begging for other proprietary services to be turned on.

Everything I want in an eReader.


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I made my efail exploit work against Thunderbird. Just confirmed that it works with Enigmail 2.0, but Enigmail 2.0.4 (released today) successfully thwarts it.

I'm trying to modify the payload to use css as a background (like background-image: url()) but so far I haven't gotten Thunderbird to actually load it

Spiegel: "So finden Sie die optimale Steuersoftware"
Ich: "Oh cool, Schneidplotter, Lasercutter oder CNC-Fräse?"
Spiegel: "Einkommenssteuer"
Ich: ...

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Due to GDPR I actually removed tracking from apps for the first time in my professional career. Previously it always was more and more tracking stuff 🙄

50€ für ein iPhone-Ladegerät mit Kabel? Sind die aus goldbeschichtetem Platin gefertigt? Liegt der Saturn preispolitisch in der Schweiz?

Offensichtlich habe ich soeben das erste Mal Apple-Hardware gekauft.

Mir ist warm. Das waren schon mehr als drei Tage. Können wir jetzt wieder zum üblichen Hamburger Wetter zurückkehren? Ich bin das so nicht gewöhnt!

*öffnet Mail-Client nach vier Tagen Urlaub*

*atmet tief durch*

Ort: Rügen
Eis-Counter: zwei
Plan für den Rest des Abends: 1kg Dorsch und 500g Rind auf'm Grill

Das lange WE lässt sich gut an.

Fahrkartenkontrolle am Ausgang7der U2 am Hamburger Hbf.

Geil, erst mal in die U4 statt der U2 eingestiegen. Ich werde mich wohl nie dran gewöhnen.

Es gab Huhn mit Gemüse, Reis und Erdnuss-Sauce

3:30 am. Jetlags can be so much fun.

Bestens für die CCC-MV gerüstet

Tour guide: See this weird looking red tree over here? When the sun light directly hits it, the red bark peels off.

We call it the gringo tree.

We went to a local market today and bought interesting things. This one is not what we thought it was. Any idea what it could be and how best to eat it?

In order to travel lighter we only packed clothes for one week and went to a lavanderia. 6kg of laundry ready to pick up the next day costs only 72 Pesos (about 3,50€). And a shirt they did not return. And they destroyed all the sensitive textiles like lace. But great service.

Arrived in Palenque by night bus. Freezing cold A/C in there. Now got a rental car again to get around. People on the street are holding up a rope, acting like construction work, asking for donations.

Did I mention our hotel room had ants?