Dear #Fediverse #Audiophiles,
I happen to be one of the old school guys who still buy CDs. Unfortunately, every once in a while I buy one I already have.

Are there any apps in @fdroidorg where I can scan all my CDs at home and build a database. So that when I am in the store, I don't have to wonder whether I have the album already.

I appreciate any hint 🎵🎶


@mawe @fdroidorg Probably not yet, as the only big Databases for CDs I know are FreeDB, Discogs and MusicBrainz, which all have their flaws. FreeDB doesn't store Barcodes afaic, but is very complete. Discogs can't really accessed without an account and is proprietary, MusicBrainz has really good data, but sadly is not too populated with unpopular music

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