Left wing groups stop using facebook properties challenge 2022

Signal: runs on a phone, runs on a laptop. Great stickers. Encrypted.

Move your group from WhatsApp today!

@celesteh @waweic you can't sign up without a cell phone number and you need to prove the PC is yours by photoing the QR code on screen with a phone using that phone number.

@fu @waweic

So of you have a friend with a smart phone and you have a SIM card, you could do this one time and its sorted out for the long term?

This doesn't seem ideal, tbh.

@waweic @celesteh I think so? I'm not sure how often they make you do that again, like they make you enter your PIN regularly on the same device to make sure you haven't forgotten.

Granted #Signal is #FreeSoftware so you could fork it, if you are into that kind of thing.

@fu @celesteh Moxie Marlinspike hates forks so much he announced he would block any forks from connecting to their servers and sue them if they call themselves anything that has "Signal" in the name iirc


@fu @celesteh Wait until something changes, basically.

And regularly set up some sort of signal to Matrix / XMPP / Whatever bridge, fail to maintain it and forget that it exists while missing all messages that I get on it

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