Simon Bin and @pwestphal are presenting the @QrowdProject EU project @akswgroup @InfAI_eV about crowd sourcing of mobility information at

Visiting the @internetarchive with my favourite librarian @nabatz for a tour after . Just had some music and now we see the emulator. It will become more eye catchy soon ...

Brewster Kahle @internetarchive inviting to the (distributed web) "just as the Chaos Communication Camp in Germany" ( ) : July 18 - July 21, 2019

Brewster Kahle founder of @internetarchive is showing some video of 🐱 at and asking if we can't make the web more p2p and also a little bit mor like Git so we can go back in time? 😉

The problems of : ... there is no MDN (@mozilla developers network) for RDF ... Ivan Herman @w3c at

At Ivan Herman @w3c is giving a sum up of the /#PropertyGraphs workshop in beginning of march.

Training für den @FLLeipzig in San Francisco zur , damit man das @InfAI_eV auch im Silicon Valley kennenlernt.

Now @saleem_muhamad (@akswgroup) is presenting "TISCO: Temporal Scoping of Facts" at the at . @mepdaw

Just seeing a familiar book in the front row at the expo of :-) Good job @jimkont @akswgroup

Being in for @TheWebConf, today we visited the @gracecathedral for Sunday service. They have a mural dedicated to the UN. This remembers me to the exhibition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights organized by @Kirchenprofil .

Im Mai sind wir mit PlatonaM bundesweit unterwegs: 14./15. Mai in zu den Tagen der digitalen Technologien @BMWi_Bund, 22. Mai in zum @akswgroup und 22./23. Mai in zum InstandhaltungsForum @FraunhoferIML/@TU_Dortmund ->

Dank der Firefox-Cert-Panne wurde einem am Wochenende vor Augen geführt, wie »kaputt« das Internet ist, wenn man auf Werbeblocker- und Co. verzichten muss.

At the we will have Andreas Both, Head of Research @DATEV and Professor @HSAnhalt giving a with the title "Towards a productive Linked Data environment within Enterprises". Lokking forward to see you on May 22nd in .

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