RT @mozilla@twitter.com: Common Voice möchte Spracherkennung für deutschsprachige Menschen verbessern. Jetzt können Sie auf Deutsch Ihre Stimme zur Verfügung stellen!



Now you can find the slides of the talk at "Jekyll RDF: Template-Based Linked Data Publication with Minimized Effort and Maximum Scalability" @Gezim_Sejdiu @seebi online icwe2019.webengineering.org/co. web.geni-pco.com/icwe2019/Jeky @akswgroup

My @openstreetmap data on an airplane inflight entertainment system. I couldn't imagine this 10 years ago. Thank you for the attribution @airfrance .

Daniel speaks about Linking: "DRAGON: Decision Tree Learning for Link Discovery" at . @akswgroup @sca_ds @diceresearch @UniLeipzig

Valentin from @myvsr @TUChemnitz is presenting about Content- and Context-Related Trust in Open Multi-Agent Systems using Linked Data at . Featuring ;-) @gaedke

In advance to the reception we got a great tour in the KAIST museum in the @kaistlibrary building. Featuring the history and cool inventions of the institute.

Just got our badges and bags for . Now we enjoy some great bakery and coffee before the conference starts. Nice conference bag and nice location, by the way.

Just finding out, there is also available at the Daejeon Convention Center for in Korea :-) (Still using the "old" config :-) )

Es wird Zeit. Deadline 17.6.19, 24 h

Bitte weiterverbreiten.


media.ccc.de - Hacker eG - Genossenschaft für chaosnahes Wirtschaften

We just arrived in Korea for the and got some local snacks. It is no ice tea, it is corn silk tea. See you in Daejeon at my presentation. @akswgroup

Herzliche Einladung übrigens zum Stand vom @lukiev@twitter.com beim Kirchentag! Wir haben Leute von @kdecommunity@twitter.com und @WikimediaDE@twitter.com und @OffeneBibel@twitter.com da, mit denen man über sowas reden kann. #opensource #rechurch
RT @maerys@twitter.com
Ich bin immer wieder fasziniert von dem Ged@lukiev@twitter.comon Open Source als theologische Größe.@kdecommunity@twitter.comche s@WikimediaDE@twitter.comden… @OffeneBibe…

Simon Bin and @pwestphal are presenting the @QrowdProject EU project @akswgroup @InfAI_eV about crowd sourcing of mobility information at

Visiting the @internetarchive with my favourite librarian @nabatz for a tour after . Just had some music and now we see the emulator. It will become more eye catchy soon ...

Brewster Kahle @internetarchive inviting to the dwebcamp.org/ (distributed web) "just as the Chaos Communication Camp in Germany" ( ) : July 18 - July 21, 2019

Brewster Kahle founder of @internetarchive is showing some video of 🐱 at and asking if we can't make the web more p2p and also a little bit mor like Git so we can go back in time? 😉

The problems of : ... there is no MDN (@mozilla developers network) for RDF ... Ivan Herman @w3c at

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