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Harold Bloom Creates a Massive List of Works in The "Western Canon": Read Many of the Books Free Online goo.gl/3VNuaC t.co/FILLo4cvAC

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seeing FFXV for the first time on RPG limit break and i...even less understand the appeal.

i don't want to drive around american sprawl with very bro-y dudes dressed head to toe in circa 2002 hot topic finery.

i went to high school in america in 2002 and this will never be my fantasy, let alone my final one.

Thing is, I do take a lot of pleasure in being a night owl. There's nothing quite like it.

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So my major lesson learned from the /#pgp thing today is not to trust warnings by EFF in the future – while parts of their warning were factually correct, they were baiting for attention in annoying and unhelpful ways.

This culture of publishing exploits and issues in a publicicty focused way is disturbing. I had hoped the EFF was beyond this needless hyping of vulns. Apparently not.

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"God," I prayed, "make me a good writer."
"Create, review, try again," God said. "You have countless papers to write on. No one creates a perfect thing at first try."
"Not even you?"
"I have countless planets to create on."
"Wait, we're not the first?"
"Create, review, try again."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories #TyposCorrected #ReviewTryAgain

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> academics looking at actual work
WTF!?!? aliens must have done it.
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Riiiight, it's #FF day!

So, I can't remember whom I previously suggested, apologies if I repeat myself, but do have in mind that if I do it's because you really should click that follow button (or tap, whatevs)!

:gentleblob: @willtochaos for challenging discussions with respect and perchance philosophy as well.

:nyancat: @razlael for art, photography and current politics.

:computerfairies: @staticsafe who is TOTES NOT a bot and yet curates and boosts the Fediverse like a boss!

Capitalism is terrible. Lacking character, though, is not capitalism's fault.

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Can I emphasize one more time how cool Blokada is?
You don't know it but your phone is *full* of trackers. It's not better than the web. I thought that we don't have any tools to deal with it - after all, it's not a browser. But turns out there are!
Blokada works as a VPN but locally. It has a blacklist (which you can change) and it just blocks all connections to trackers or ads. It works wonderfully.

Of course Google wouldn't let it in the Play Store.

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“Google Has Most of My Email Because It Has All of Yours”: the story of how a person with their own mail server still ends up having Google able to read half their mail mako.cc/copyrighteous/google-h #Email #Privacy

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Noticing some people trying to use Stallman's old jokes as a reason to dismiss Free Software or claim that only sexists support it. They do something similar occasionally with Torvalds. Neither of these personalities are beyond criticism, so it's an easy lever to yank on. They seem to overlook that proprietary software discriminates against people in very arbitrary ways and is exclusionary by nature.
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Today I have realised that trait neuroticism is a predictor for political attitudes.

Why do we so often escape from freedom while ostensibly advocating for greater freedom?

I'm not really enthusiastic about RMS or the FSF.

I am less enthusiastic about thin-skinned, resentment-driven totalitarians with a keyboard.

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The amount of anti-Stallman and anti-Free Software bullshit here in the last few days is disgusting.

The day you contribute something, anything useful maybe I'll take the MAGA-like ignorant and destructive remarks seriously.

(And before you jump to harass people who say you're worthless freeloaders, I don't mean that you have to contribute code. You could contribute spell checking, manual writing, a single paragraph will be useful, an icon, a desktop wallpaper. Anything. Laziness is no excuse)

Dulce et decorum est
Pro Fediversum mori.

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Everybody needs their time in the sun, not just the "gifted and intelligent".

We only get that if everyone, even the "gifted and intelligent", occasionally contributes to work that needs to be done.