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Sometimes, circumstances afford you a view of how every action and every habit you have reinforced have led you to this.

Unavoidable suffering entitles you to absolutely nothing. Being will test you, and often find you wanting. And if the situation does not crush you, then you have a duty to grow and flourish -- yes, despite all suffering and pain.

We're looking at two basic models, both of which are worth looking at and fun even if you're not a historian:

ORBIS (orbis.stanford.edu/) is a route mapping model sometimes (wrongly) touted as the "Google Maps of Rome" - it's essentially a tool that lets you calculate routes and connectedness around the Roman Empire, and costs based on various input factors like type of transport, time of year, etc.

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Drag queens must be very large to win at having the largest drag in relation to their lift.

At this moment, chaos is one step away from completing overwhelming my life. May I take the lessons well, and may I have the wisdom to act in such a way as to reduce the suffering of all involved.

Personal crises can be educational.

They will teach about yourself, evince strengths and weaknesses of character. If you have an ideal, then they may point towards it ever more urgently.

They will teach you who your true friends are.

They will teach you that it is important not to suffer stupidly, and more importantly, not to make others suffer so.

They will teach you about the brevity of life, the fragility of health, the illusion of gain, and the importance of counting your blessings.

My part:
- Tech: I know about , especially web development with Python, some general website skills, I have basic administration skills on servers, including stuff with .
- Looking for to read, especially and ? Hit me up for recommendations.

Reminder: If you are knowledgeable about something (and you are!), you are in a position to help people. If you have the spoons/energy/capacity, post it to your timeline occasionally!
Maybe pin it to your profile? Or we could find a good hashtag for this?

Mastodon is proof that gender over Ethernet is a valid protocol

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hey if i research sophisticated lockpicking with all of the google spyware turned on, maybe the police wil come after me and break the door so I can finally get out of my apartment

whoever invented the pedometer really fucking sucked at naming things

Fediverse, the social network so meta we mainly speak about software used to access it

if someone pretends they speak French but really they don't does that make them a Francophoney

I made a meme in Green Is My Pepper.

ravioli ravioli
no riding the stolen pony

you bought Chrono Trigger on the SNES? Congratulations you get it practically for free on any other platform it's ever released on, cause you bought a fucking license for the game, not a fucking cartridge