I want to be able to tell my friends why #mastodon is better than the birdsite, so I wrote a thing: "Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch"

I want this to be as persuasive as possible to outsiders, so I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible from Mastodon users

@codesections Hi, I'm thinking of translating this very nicely written thing you wrote into Italian, to encourage more Italian speakers to join, unless I can find one already in Italian. Fancy getting in touch to discuss how faithfully you want it done, IF you're OK to have it done, credit to your website/page and what have you? I can mail you if you prefer.


Thanks very much for the offer! I'd love to have you translate the post into Italian. 👍

I'm happy to defer to your judgment on how literal the translation should be. My only request is to please retain a link to the original.

Let me know when you post the translation, and I'll add a link to it from my site.


@codesections OK! Thank you. Will let you know when it's done :)

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