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Functionless computing

Did you know that #GDPR allows sites not to announce the use of "essential" cookies? Meaning those your site uses for itself, to keep the user logged in for example.

So when Internet commerce started to slap those stupid "we use cookies" banners on every site they used the more generic word "cookies" to avoid saying outright that their sites use *ad trackers*.

Long story short, if you don't sell your user data, you don't have to present stupid disclaimers.

yesterday i went to the convenience store a🐦 oh jees. looks like we go🐦 Ho shit we got some birds in here. who let the🐦 se birds get i🐦 n here. Jesus it'🐦 s a lo🐦 t of them too🐦

After buying TikTok , Microsoft immediately rebrands it to bring this exciting new market segment they have acquired in line with corporate identity guidelines.

warm rule everything around
sun get the rocky
scuttle scuttle bug yall

Danke, Ihr Admins dieser Welt! Besonders denen des Fediverse, der freien Netze und Foren.


then I proceeded to watch Hackers on my phone, which probably has the best screen I own. It was good.

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Elon Musk gets divorced and his ex-wife moves to Italy 

Grimes, New Roman

united kingdom in name only, for it is neither

liebe autofahrende. wenn ihr mich auf dem rad zu eng überholt, mir die vorfahrt nehmt oder mich fast überfahrt, wundert euch nicht über angebrüllt werden mit 120 db. liebe grüße, euer uwe

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