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Ich könnte meine Linuxvideos der letzten 10 Jahre zusammenklauben, mir nen 24 Stunden Stream bei Twitch erstellen und einfach ne solide Twitch-Bitch werden ... 🤔

Was kommt denn da so rum im Monat?

(Hintergrund ist, dass ich mich gerade ein wenig darüber ärgere wie viele "Livestreams" auf Twitch bei genauerer Betrachtung nicht-Live / Wiederholungen sind)

OH: "Wir haben hier doch Freifunkexperten, die können dann ja WLAN machen" FFler: "Deine Mutter!"

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I just super-glued my fingers together. If you're wondering how I'm doing now: 👌👌👌

"Zuckerersatzstoffe wie Sorbitol oder Fruktose"

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Ice Bear is tired of staring at this guy's butt.

OH: "Das BtMG kennt den Konsum von Bowlingkugeln nicht"

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@hg6 @digitaldutta @prashere @thej

fsmi.social is currently running on a $5 Hetzner instance with an additional disk attached (not required for now but as a preemptive measure). It's a dual-core machine with 4 GB memory. My current estimate is that we can support up to 5000 users on this setup with less than 10% users being active at any time (usually the case with big instances). Only disk upgrades might be required over time.

It takes less than an hour of administration per month, mostly for upgrades.

We are currently not using Docker, but manually upgrading to each stable release using the following doc.

Before starting this instance, we consulted a few people from the FSMI community who know Elixir/Erlang well. It seemed like Pleroma would cost us a lot less in terms of operations costs over the long term. This is a free instance hosted by a non-profit organization, so it's important to keep costs low. We picked Pleroma even before it was 1.0 even though Mastodon was quite stable by then. I hope that it's a decision that would pay off well over the long-term.

In my opinion, Pleroma is the most efficient ActivityPub micro-blogging server implementation so far. A basic instance runs within 600 MB of memory (most SBCs these days have at least 1 GB memory). Elixir is a compiled language unlike Ruby and Python. The performance of the BEAM VM is stuff of legend. It is cost-effective and quite reliable. I'd recommend it for most non-profits, for self-hosting and for small communities.

Pleroma supports all Fediverse mobile apps and also additional web frontends like Mastodon-FE and Pinafore. Some of our users preferred the single column layout (now Mastodon has it too) and markdown formatting options of Pleroma-FE. Pleroma-FE also has options to customize color themes at a user-level.

#Pleroma #SelfHosting #Mastodon
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am cold! i need many warms today *hides under a blanket*

@elementary What's the idea with the "non-curated app" warnings? If a user gets this warning almost every time they want to install something, they are sure to get dismissive of it, no?

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Die Volkshochschule in Halle (Saale) plant für 2020 eine erfreuliche Anzahl an Kursen zu Freier Software:
* Layoutgestaltung mit Scribus
* PortableApps
* Einführung in Linux
* Python
* OpenJDK
* Bildbearbeitung mit Gimp
* Dokumentensatz mit LaTeX und Pandoc
* ...
#volkshochschule #halle #freiesoftware

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There's a misconception that you can "store things on the blockchain", let alone perminantly so. No: blockchains just gets everyone to agree on the same order of events, the same "merkle-tree".

To store data peer-to-peer you need a Distributed HashTable. And to store data perminantly, just save it to your harddrive! Seriously we don't have better solution, and I've heard it argued nor should we.

This morning I will describe how DHTs work.

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