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One of the delightful side benefits of our #CircusInPlace video chats is getting to hear about everyone's passion projects.

Whether it is #circus skills like us, or music, art, cooking, or geeky projects, it always inspires me to hear people share the things that excite them and bring them joy.

Come nerd out with friends about whatever makes you happy starting at 8pm UTC-5:


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Een volkstuin wordt onbetaalbaar en onbereikbaar voor veel Amsterdammers. De huurprijs van de grond wordt door de gemeente verhoogd, vanaf ruim 400% voor de verblijfstuinen tot zelfs 800% voor de nutstuinen. De huurders willen best wat meer betalen voor onze groene oases in en om de stad, maar dit gaat veel te ver! Teken de petitie! behoudvolkstuinen.petities.nl/

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RT @ZLabe@twitter.com

The extent of sea ice in the Kara Sea (#Arctic, near Siberia) has fallen to a record low for the date...

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ZLabe/status/13339

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A bit of an informal survey

How long do you typically sleep?

Also, are your weekend sleep hours different from weekdays or is there any particular day(s) where it changes from the usual?

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Belarus: Update on the Uprising (November 2020)
As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had another chance to talk to Maria, an anarchist from Minsk, Belarus, about the situation in the country. We're getting a comprehensive update on the evolution of the protest
tactics, both on the st
#EnglischsprachigeBeiträge #Belarus #Counter-Insurgency #DecentralizedProtest #DigitalTactics #Repression #StateViolence #Update #uprising

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I think everyone should take time out to question their gender and actively make that choice. Yes, even cis people. IMO, actively choosing the be cis should be encouraged, rather than just seen as the default.

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Arecibo radio telescope’s massive instrument platform has collapsed

On Monday night, the enormous instrument platform that hung over the Arecibo radio telescope's big dish collapsed due to the failure of the remaining cables supporting it. The risk of this sort of failure was the key motivation behind the National Science Foundation's recent decision to shut down the observatory, as the potential for collapse made any attempt to repair the battered scope too dangerous for the people who would do the repairs.

Right now, details are sparse. The NSF has confirmed the collapse and says it will provide more information once it's confirmed. A Twitter account from a user from Puerto Rico shared an image that shows the support towers that used to hold the cables that suspended the instrument platform over the dish, now with nothing but empty space between them.


#Arecibo #AreciboObservatory #RadioAstronomy #Astronomy #obituary

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On the impact of technology and digital well being. Safa Ghnaim introduces the @datadetoxkit@twitter.com @OEBconference@twitter.com also available in #Arabic and 20 other languages!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/SindithK/status/13

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Vos podcasts, vous les synchronisez :

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People are calling it a revolution. Since October 22nd, hundreds of thousands across Poland have been protesting in 580 cities and towns, by one organizer's count. The umbrella term for the protests is "Women's Strike," though it's not just women participating, and it's not exactly a strike. The goal now, it seems, is to bring down the government of the right-wing Law and Justice Party (PiS), which has been in power since 2015.

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The EU border police Frontex is under fire for its involvement in human rights violations at the EU’s borders. Now, they want to silence those exposing their wrongdoing.

Frontex is taking us to court.


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State of Spritely, December 2020! spritelyproject.org/news/state

RacketCon talk on Goblins, progress on Aurie (running-world serialization system), preview of the textual virtual worlds plans, and more!

(Amazing character art by @davidrevoy!)

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ukpol trans (bad) 

The high court has just outlawed puberty blockers for trans people undergoing puberty.

Presumably children with "precocious puberty" will still be allowed to access them - at least I hope so.

This has happened because terfs were able to groom a vulnerable de-transitioner and alarm her with medically unfounded fears about fertility.

The way forward passes through the ECHR, but also something needs to be done about terfs.

Also, people who de-transition need more and better support. Some of them are traumatised and vulnerable. I think it's on us to make sure that people have room to experiment and play with gender, but also to have support and safe landings if they decide they're cis after all. What this means in practice is not totally clear to me, but they need to at least be welcome in queer spaces. This is a tiny number of people, but they do need support and respect and, alas, if they get groomed by terfs, they can be weaponised in away that almost certainly doesn't benefit them, but undoubtedly makes things worse for trans people.

It is deeply frustrating that many trans kids will be subject to a known hazard so that a smaller number of people can avoid an imaginary hazard of something that's been demonstrated to be safe.

I don't know law, but it sounds like if the court thinks kids can't consent to stop a traumatising puberty, that means that importing blockers for them is also illegal,

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the #ASL word for "trans" is the same morpheme as "beautiful" but signed over your heart, where you'd sign self 😭

(image/caption: via carodoodles on birdsite: twitter.com/carodoodles/status )

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Riout 102T Alérion Ornithopter

What most surprises me is that this was built in 1937, by which time people should have known better, by a group of people who should have known better.

But it looks straight out of Dune, which makes me happy.


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If you ever want to keep following someone for their toots but they boost a lot of other stuff, you don't have to unfollow them, you can turn boosts off on their profile!

Here's @binchicken as an example. You go to the three dots and take the hide boosts option. They'll no longer turn up on your timeline.

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a brand new coloring computer!

4-bits to 7 segment display hexadecimal decoder - convert from binary to hexadecimal by coloring and solving simple logic operations :tealheart:

more info and downloads in 'tales of non-electronic, human-scale, very-slow computers':

=> gemini://caracolito.mooo.com/tonehsvsc/2020-11-30-hex7seg-coloringdecoder.gmi


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