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Ecuador, protests, police 

If you lens is pretty much in someone's face and they don't object at a public event. It feels like it would be ok to publish. But 🤷 ?

More shots and photographic considerations around the demonstration in support of
Sometimes consent seems more obvious, as when a person is already giving a television interview or posing for your camera (I like to make it obvious that I take photos).

Sometimes people hide their faces behind their message. Seemingly only wanting the message being photographed.

In cases where the subject uses the sign more as a shield than a message, I do like support that anonymity

Another shot of the demonstration in support I like the sea of umbrella's and how the individuals are neatly obscured.

It however feels very impersonal. It expresses the numbers and the weather. But not the emotions behind the protest.

I've been taking pictures on the demonstration in support of which featured some beautiful people. I'm preparing a publication but run into a bit of a problem. I've got pictures of signs and large groups of people, but some are quite close-up. How should I regard this in sense of ? Just consider it a public demo and thereby public faces, or ?

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Instead I would recommend not filling in that form at all and staying very far away from XR because they clearly don't care about activist safety.

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I am trying so hard to be the kind of sensible person that doesn't believe in things like ' #XR is a government sting'

& then they just ask people to fill in an online form with your full name, address, phone number and admit willingness to commit crimes that the UK is willing to prosecute under terrorism laws.

I.. don't... want... to... believe... you're... the feds.... but... you're..... not... making.... it easy.....

Tonight party and info evening with food.

Organised around the new housing project: nieuwemeent.nl/

(Community organised social housing and collective living)

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To get the silkroad rolling at we need help, especially, with the build-up and for the tear-down.

You should not fear height for this.
And this is what the Seidenstrasse will stand or fall with.

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Kurdish politician among nine civilians shot dead by pro-Turkey forces in Syria 

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♻ RT @th1an1@twitter.com:

#Switzerland: 10,000 people demonstrated in #Zürich against the fascist invasion of #Rojava.
Against the continuing oppression and murder of the #Kurdish people by the #Turkish state.
#Riseup4Rojava #DefendRojava t.co/KrsweH4hIQ


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For anyone that wants to know how Rojava's political system functions, check out Neighbor Democracy's short documentary 'The Communes of Rojava'. It defines what a commune is and goes into depth about the various communal committees; Defence, Health, Peace & Consensus, Economics, Education and Women's committees, that allow society in Rojava to direct itself :rojava: #RiseUp4Rojava


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WW2, nazi war crimes 

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