Tonight's view in words:

Een roodkoperen zonsondergang.

TIL: In the Ethiopian city of Lalibela you have large rock-cut buildings/churches. Quite some impressive engineering and a lot of work.

Normalise using nft's for nftables configuration files...

I'm generating nft's, and happy about it :)

Social media, shouting into the void, trying to find resonance and belonging. Finding that and conflict.

Embrace the resonance, ignore the conflict. It's not the time, the place or the medium.

Forgive me for I have sinned. :breadunhappy: 😁

Had a lovely chaostreffen again, nice mix of faces, new faces and regulars. I like how that flows. New people find their way, people keep coming back even after look gaps, and there's always some familiar faces. Works well.

Brazilian pride benefit party at vondelbunker now. Good food, good vibes, good tunes.

Train travel plans 

Was looking at passing through Latour de Carol, brouter had some difficulties, until I zoomed in. Those trains don't connect. You switch from 1668 to 1435 gauge tracks. :)

brouter needs connecting lines to route of-course,

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I'm hearing good stories of would love to hear more as I missed it.

How was your MCH experience?

Poll for stats, stories as replies.

2005 video on farmers in Ohio (US) protesting against Dutch farmers because they make such a mess and violating the even more relaxed environmental laws.

Quote last farmer: 'Eh, it's America'.

Train travel plans 

By the time I make it to the hackmeeting in Italy, I've covered over 9.000km. Then Spain is only another 1.000km. But I'll be over half the time I have (mid september).

Do wonder if I could manage to get to 20.000km in 2 months.

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Train travel plans 

So on the 12th of august I'll embark on a 2 months journey through europe. The first 1.5-2 weeks I'll spent going through Norway and Sweden (passing through Denmark). By the time I leave Sweden again on my way to Berlin, I'll have travelled over 7000km. Which includes the 1000km I'll have travelled to get to Sweden from the Netherlands.

So within Norway and Sweden, I'll travel 6000km in 2 weeks time.

disclaimer: using the shortest rail distance between stations

Train plan advice request 

Looks like will do it! Thanks to on irc :)

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“Technologists like it because it seems clean at the point of electricity supply, but that ignores pernicious costs at other parts of the lifecycle, such as uranium mines, uranium mills, fuel processing, and waste repositories,” Benjamin K Sovacool, a professor of energy policy at the University of Sussex Business School who has studied nuclear power in Asia, told Al Jazeera.

“When you factor these in, some nuclear power plants have the same carbon footprint as natural gas, a fossil fuel.”

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