Got myself an inflatable kayak and decided to try it out by going to and through the amsterdam forest.

Did a bit of mushroom hunting, but didn't find much


One of the reasons for getting the kayak is how hard and stressful it is to get through the city by foot, trying to keep distance. By kayak on the canals is super easy to keep distance :)

@wmd inflatable kayak!!! i need one of these! are they expensive?

@lyliawisteria I paid 84 euro for it. Certainly not the only one who just got this model :)

@wmd so probably about twice as much in canadian dollars.. but still affordable!

@wmd nice, hopefully not too many people catch on to it 🙂

@jasper I certainly wasn't the only kayak on the water. Nice thing is, we have a lot of water, kayaks are small, but do you want them to function, you certainly need to keep a good amount of distance :)

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