This weeks movie: kuhle wampe from 1932. Good movie about unemployment, hope and solidarity.

Great cinematography as well. I loved the bicycle shots.

movie spoilers and trivia 

Kuhle Wampe can be translated as 'Empty stomach' in berlin slang.

The movie was quite censored and the originals are missing. One othe bits that was cut off is, where after the sports match, there is a collection for paying for the abortion.

Film Spoilers (stills from kuhle wampe) 

The film has quite some nice shots, some quite stylised. I'm quite charmed by the bikes (bicycle, although there are some nice ones for those liking old motor bikes).

Sorry, no descriptions, feel free to add.

Film Spoilers (stills from kuhle wampe) 

A lot of the film is told in short shots with no voices, no narration, just visuals. They're really well done.

I do think you notice the censorship in that, bits are missing, or unresolved even when they're unspoken.

Film Spoilers (stills from kuhle wampe) 

These stills of bikes can certainly tell part of the story, but there's good amount missing as well.

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