The making of:
Step 1: paint door purple
Step 2: plot logo with vinyl cutter
Step 3: transfer negative of logo onto door
Step 4: be surprised how well orange and purple to together
Steel 5: regret not having bought orange paint

Step 6: put a mask on
Step 7: get sidetracked by reading one year old xHain Corona rules... 馃惪锔忦煇匡笍 馃槺... ("What!? 50(!) ppl at xHain!?!?")

Step 8: Spray it!
Step 8-1: look awkward, not like a cool graffiti artist, because trial.error bought marker spray paint for trees (needs to be held upside down).

Step 10: the real work: remove all the itty bitty vinyl bits before they dissolve in the paint.... (like our lungs!?)...
Step 11: DONE! (We hate 10 step guides...)

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